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2013 * Welcome to our Fifty-Eighth Season * 2013
Tradition Pride Excellence


The Mountain Lakes Summer Swim team enters its 58th season as one of the premier recreational programs in the Borough. The goal of the team is to provide participants with the chance to be a part of the team while improving their individual skills as swimmers.

Returning for her second season as head coach is Corlee Soracco. Coach Soracco is looking forward to continuing where she left off last season, building on the Mountain Lakes tradition of excellence in summer swimming. Also returning this year are assistant coaches Mike McElduff and Kyle Rozanitis. We will be adding some junior coaches to the mix and are excited to have this exceptional group of coaches back with us for another season.

Stroke Technique - Fun - Team Unity

Stroke technique continues to be the cornerstone of our approach to creating competent and confident swimmers. Speed will follow. Great swim teams are composed of swimmers proficient in all four main strokes (fly, free, back, breast) and Individual Medley (IM). Although some athletes will prefer one or more over others, our team will possess depth when our swimmers can swim all stokes well

Fun is needed for success at all levels of sport. The keys to success through Fun are:

  • sacrificing in practice with your teammates;
  • learning and improving together;
  • encouraging others;
  • sharing time as part of a team;
  • participating in the team's success.
Team unity builds character and confidence in the athletes and the team. Once forged, these qualities of champions cannot be broken.


Returning this season are our head and assistant diving coaches from last summer, Esteban Morales and Jen Buckley.

The focus of our Diving program is on front, back, and inward dives. Additional dives are taught upon mastery of these.

Practice Schedule

After School Swim Practice Schedule:
Monday, June 17th through Wednesday June 26th, for all swimmers ‘13 and over’, and those under age 13 who have passed the Borough Beach Test

 11 and overs   3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
  9 / 10s  4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
  8 and unders  4:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Modified Afternoon Swim Practice Schedule:
(Monday, June 17th through Wednesday, June 26th )

 11 and overs   3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
  9 / 10s  4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
  8 and unders  4:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Regular Season M-F Practice Schedule:
(Begins Thursday, June 27th for Swimming and Diving)

 11 and overs  10:00 am - 11:30 am*
  9 / 10s 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm
  8 and unders   1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

* ‘11 and over’ swimmers who have morning commitments are welcome to practice from 12:00 – 1:30.

Open coaching  11:00 am - 2:00 pm

Pre-Team: This program is for children 5 years and over who have a background in swimming and a strong desire to become a member of the summer swim team,  Children who register for pre-team will be screened prior to the start of the season to ensure they can swim 25 yards (any stroke) unassisted at Birchwood Lake,  Once children master the necessary skills to pass the borough beach test, they will be encouraged to join the swim team for the remainder of the season.

First two weeks (two sessions) approx 8:45-9:30 at the Mountain Lakes Club
Second two weeks (two sessions) 2:00 - 2:40 at Birchwood Lake

Meet Schedule

(Divers participate in Hub Lakes League; Swimmers in Hub Lakes and Lakeland Leagues.)

  • Hub Lakes Diving League
    5 Thursday evening meets
    Warm-ups 6:00 pm; Meets start 6:30 pm
  • Hub Lakes Swimming League
    6 Monday evening dual meets
    Warm-ups 6:00 pm; Meets start 6:45 pm,  Compete in three strokes and IM.
  • Lakeland Swimming League
    6 Wednesday evening dual meets
    Warm-ups 6:00 pm; Meets start 7:00 pm,  Compete in four strokes.

Championship Meet Dates

(Full Schedule of Meets and Social Activities on Team Calendar)

  • Diving Championship
    Saturday, July 27th
  • Hub Lakes Swim Conference Championship @ White Meadow Lake
    Friday evening, August 2nd (400s only, timed finals)
    Saturday, August 3rd Prelims,  for all other events
    Sunday, August 4th Finals and Parade of Champions
  • Lakeland Swim Conference ‘A’ Championship @ Fayson Lake
    Saturday, August 10th (Rain date Sunday, August 11th )
    Timed finals,  Qualifying times apply,  Early A.M,  warm-up, 

Weekend Swim Meets

Both leagues sponsor specialty meets to provide varied opportunities,  While these often are called ‘invitationals’, no invitation is necessary!

  • Saturday, July 13 Odd Age Invitational at Packanack Lake: Swimmers swim all four strokes in age groups: 7 and under, 8/9, 10/11, 12/13, 14/15, and 16/over,  High point team trophy,  Individual medals and ribbons,  Family relays,  Early A.M,  warm-up.
  • Saturday, July 20 Pequannock (Lakeland) Invitational for ‘12 and Under’ Age Group: Swimmers swim all four strokes with others of the same age only,  Trophy for high point girl and boy of each age,  Early A.M,  warm-up, 

Essential Gear

(Remember your Mountain Lakes Beach Tags which can be purchased at Borough Hall or pre-season by mail,  You will not be permitted to practice without one!)

Bring to Workouts: Beach tag and test badge; water bottle labeled with last name; practice suit and shirt; goggles (dark or mirrored more comfortable in bright sun); swim cap; towels; and fins (required for 11 and overs optional for 9/10s)

Bring to Evening Meets: team suit, cap, and t-shirt; ball-point pen in zip lock bag; goggles (preferably clear for better night vision); water bottle; towels; warm clothes; and footwear to protect feet on beaches; Beach tag and test badge for home meets

Bring to Day Meets: same as evening meets, plus: additional food and drink; sunscreen; dark or mirrored goggles; games and seating; Beach tag and test badge for home meets

Dependable Volunteers and Communication of Vacation Absences

Parent Volunteers Run Our Meets
We are proud of our tradition of running efficient and enjoyable swimming and diving meets,  To continue this tradition, it is essential that parents of all swimmers and divers fulfill their meet volunteer assignments,  Volunteers will sign up at the June Parent Meeting,  A volunteer schedule of dates and tasks for weeknight meets will be distributed in mid-June,  It is your duty to organize a replacement in advance if you are unable to fulfill an assignment,  Parents will also be required to volunteer at weekend swimming invitational meets,  Those sign-ups will generally be handled during the week prior to the meet,  Aside from ensuring the best views, volunteering fosters team spirit among parents, and between parents and swimmers!

Good Communication with Coaches allows them to plan the best meets
Did you know that there are a maximum number of swimmers whom coaches can enter in scoring lanes at each weeknight meet? Did you know that the swim team pays an entry fee for each swimmer, for each event, at all weekend invitationals?

At the start of the season, vacation schedules will be requested from all swimmers,  To provide the best opportunities to swimmers and divers, and to eliminate unnecessary costs to our team, it is important to communicate additional absences to the coaching staff within 2 days of the meet,  Various means will be provided to do so,  Swimmers will not be entered into meets until the vacation form has been received, 

Social Traditions

(Refer to team calendar for dates and times)

  • Wine and Cheese Party for Parents and Coaches to kick off the season
  • Pizza nights
  • Diving Awards’ Ceremony and Ice Cream Social following final Thursday evening meet
  • Family Pasta Party to kickoff Hub Lakes Swim Championship Weekend
  • Laker Fun Day for all swimmers, divers and their families
  • Team Fun Night on Birchwood Beach
  • Swimming Awards’ Ceremony and Ice Social following Lakeland ‘A’ Championship

Enjoy a summer of fun, fitness, and friendship !

Borough Swim Test @ Birchwood Lake

All children, until age 13, must pass the swim test in order to:

  1. Swim in deep water (generally, over a child’s head)
  2. Use rafts, kick boards, etc., even in shallow water
  3. Use the diving boards
  4. Swim in the lanes
  5. Swim on the swim team, or dive on the diving team
  6. When 10 or older, come to the beach alone.

Swim test procedure:

These are general guidelines for your reference,  The swim test administrator will describe the test to the children when they are on the beach, so the procedures are clear and fresh in their minds.

  1. A child must swim the front crawl, starting at the long dock parallel to the beach to the far perimeter rope,  This must be accomplished with rotary breathing and without stopping,  This means breathing in to one side and exhaling with face in the water.
  2. Once the child reaches the perimeter rope, he/she must turn over and head back to the starting point, using the back crawl.
  3. Halfway back, the child will be instructed to stop and tread water for up to one minute.
  4. When the lifeguard signals, the child must resume swimming the back crawl to return to the starting point.

Upon successful completion, a swim badge will be given to the child to be worn on the bathing suit.

It is imperative that our children have good water safety skills.
Our lakes do not afford the clarity of a pool,
There are many areas to swim and most involve deep water,
Please support this swim test procedure and the lifeguards on duty.

The Board welcomes you to another season of fun, good sportsmanship, competition, and team spirit,  Working together, we seek to provide a wholesome and rewarding summer experience for your family.

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