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A Big Branch Falls, Who Takes it Away?

Shade Tree Commissioners Take Training

Recently Shade Tree Commissioners attended a training session to learn more about reading and interpreting site plans.  The training was conducted by Sandy Batty.

The Ups and Downs of the Bradford Pear

Science and environmental writer, Gabriel Popkin, opines on the recent vilification of the Bradford Pear and cautions ” if we’re going to spend time and money righting past environmental wrongs, there are far more important battles to fight than one against a lousy...

2016 Meeting Minutes

Mountain Lakes Shade Tree Commission Meeting Minutes January 14th, 2016 FINAL Mountain Lakes Shade Tree Commission Meeting Minutes- FINAL January 14th, 2016 6:00pm Borough Hall Members Present: Consuelo Murtagh, Heather Scott, Sandy Batty, Jay Eveleth, Marnie Vyff 1. Comments...

Get Ready to Plant Some Trees!

Arbor Day is around the corner, April 24th, where the Mountain Lakes Shade Tree Commission will honor Dave Fewell, a Mountain Lakes High School Biology teacher, and his dedicated work planting tree saplings in our forests and school grounds. The theme of this year’s Arbor Day...