October 12, 2010

7:30 P.M.


M I N U T E S  



1.     CALL TO ORDER; OPENING STATEMENT: This meeting is being held in compliance

 with Public Law 1975, Chapter 231, Sections 4 and 13, as notice of this meeting and the agenda thereof had been reported to The Citizen and the Morris County Daily Record and The Star Ledger on January 5, 2010 and posted in the municipal building.


       Mayor Blair Bravo called the meeting to order at 7:32 p.m.



      All  Council members were present except for Councilman Happer and Deputy Mayor Gormally.

      Also in attendance were Attorney James Bryce, covering for Marty Murphy, Borough Manager Barry Lewis

      and Borough Clerk Christina Whitaker. Deputy Mayor Gormally arrived at 7:36 p.m.




                 WHEREAS, the Borough Council of the Borough of Mountain Lakes,

 County of Morris, State of New Jersey finds it necessary to discuss matters relating to:


·        Tax Appeal Settlement/Murray

·        Tax Appeal Settlement/Levy


                        WHEREAS, the Borough Council believes it to be in the best interest of the

         public to discuss such matters in closed session.


                        NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Borough Council of the Borough         

        of Mountain Lakes, that it shall enter Executive Session to discuss only those matters 

        mentioned above; the results of which will be disclosed when the matters are resolved and

        upon vote of the Governing Body to release the minutes.


Motion by Councilman Shaw, second by Councilman McWilliams, to enter into Executive Session with all members in favor signifying by “Aye.”


Motion by Councilman Shaw, second by Councilwoman Emr, to close the Executive Session and return to the public portion of the meeting at 7:45 p.m., with all members in favor signifying with “Aye.”


At 8 p.m. formal discussion resumed.



Over the weekend friends of Doug Wilkins celebrated his 44 years as football coach of the Herd by dedicating the turf football field in his honor. Herd alumni, parents of Herd alumni and alumni of Mountain Lakes High School also attended a large “Laker” party in honor of the retired football coach at the home of former Mountain Lakes High student Jamie Rodgers.


The Fire Department will hold another paper shredding event on October 23.


Mayor Bravo said she received a letter from The Sheep Hill Astronomy Club thanking the Mountain Lakes Police for their help in apprehending those responsible for the vandalism at the observatory in Boonton.



Mayor Bravo opened the public comment portion of the meeting with consent of the Council.


Mayor Bravo explained the Council’s policy of limiting each speaker to five (5) minutes and no yielding of time to another person. Mayor Bravo opened the public comment portion of the meeting with the consent of the Council.


With no one wishing to be heard, Mayor Bravo closed the public comment portion of the meeting.



     R 113-10 Authorizing Acceptance of Grant/MCJIF 

     R114-10 Payment of Bills


       7. *MINUTES

      September 27, 2010 Regular

      September 27, 2010 Executive



Council Member






































































A.     Health Officer

B.     Construction Official

C.    DPW sp requests some should be routine stuff /ss

E.   Police  



        Mr. Bryce had nothing to report.



      Mr. Lewis told the Council that he completed the Governor’s “Best Practices List” and based on the score,

      the Borough’s State funding will not be reduced.


      Mr. Lewis has spoken to both Mr. Mason and Judge Miniman and they reported that the shared court is

      working well. He also noted that court overtime for police officers is down.


     Tax Assessor Rick DelGuercio informed the Manager that his analysis of recent sales would not suggest

     another reassessment or in house revaluation is warranted at this time.


     Councilman Happer arrived at 8:20 p.m.


     Mr. Lewis said he received the energy audit for Borough Hall and the DPW building.  He noted that he had

     concerns over the efficiency and operation of the current HAVC system at Borough Hall. He held a meeting

     with Bill Ryden, Mark Prusina and Alex Speal of the Air Group, an HVCA consulting firm at which they  

     identified a number of deficiencies in the current systems. Several possible solutions and improvements are

     being discussed in order to make the system more operable and efficient.


     Mayor Bravo said that she would like formal recommendations from the Facility Committee at the

     November 8 meeting.


    Mr. Lewis said that the Borough’s insurance agent has said that the $1 million in liability coverage noted in

    the Tri-Town Little League lease for a portion of Frederick A. Halsey Park is sufficient. The Manager

    said the League was agreeable to a five year lease. He also said that adding wording that would prohibit the

    use of the park for anything other than ball playing, without approval of the Manager, could be included in

    the lease.


    Councilman Jackson said he would like the League to attend a meeting and give a presentation. However, it

    was the consensus of the majority of Council that it was not necessary for anyone to do a

    presentation. However, an invitation was extended to the organization to attend the next meeting.


    Recreation Direction Celia Flynn and Beach Director Dede Conlon will be attending the next Council

    meeting with the year-end report.


    Borough Engineer Bill Ryden and Mr. Lewis will be meeting with DEP representatives in Trenton on

    October, 19 to discuss well #3.


    Mr. Lewis said he had not yet received the permits for lowering Mountain and Wildwood Lakes. However, as

    soon as the permits are obtained, a blast e-mail would go out to residents and the shore owners would be

    notified by a hand delivered letter, signed by the Manager.


    Councilman Jackson thanked the Manager for providing an itemized status report of 2010 Capital



   Deputy Mayor Gormally asked the Manager to make arrangements to have the dumpster at Birchwood Lake

   removed. The dumpster is placed there during the swim season and should be removed once the summer is




  Councilwoman Emr reported that revisions to the Mountain Lakes Residents Guide are being made and Joan  

  Best will be putting the information together in a new format.

  She has obtained an estimate of $2000 for printing and the initial mailing. Some of the booklets would be left  

  at Borough Hall to be distributed to new residents.


  Councilwoman Emr said Paul Odenwelder ‘s name was submitted to fill a vacancy on the Traffic and Safety

  Committee.  She will give his name to the Chair of the Committee for comments. If all is in order, she will 

  bring it back to the Council for a vote at the next meeting.


   The Personnel Committee had a guest at its last meeting. Gail Grossman provided the Committee with

   information from a private sector prospective on health benefits and sick, holiday and vacation days offered.



Deputy Mayor Gormally said that the State health plans offered to employees are much cheaper in premiums than the private sector.


Councilman Shaw updated the Council on the COAH –Highland work that has been completed. He noted that the growth share concept in Round 3 was struck down by the court. He said the decision validated the Borough’s position. The Borough is now covered under Round 2 criteria.



Motion by Councilman Shaw, second by Deputy Mayor Gormally, to adjourn the meeting at 9:02 p.m. with all members in favor signifying by “Aye.”



*Consent Agenda



 Attest:___________________________                       ________________________                          

      Christina Whitaker, Clerk                                                Blair Bravo, Mayor