1.  CALL TO ORDER; OPENING STATEMENT: This meeting is being held in compliance

with Public Law 1975, Chapter 231, Sections 4 and 13, as notice of this meeting and the agenda thereof had been reported to The Citizen and the Morris County Daily Record and The Star Ledger on January 4, 2011 and posted in the municipal building.


Mayor Charles Gormally called the meeting to order at 7:35 p.m.



All Council members were present except for Councilman Holmberg and Deputy Mayor Happer. Deputy Mayor Happer arrived at 7:53 p.m. Also in attendance were Borough Attorney Robert Oostdyk, Acting Borough Manager Robert Tovo, and Borough Clerk Christina Whitaker.




            WHEREAS, the Borough Council of the Borough of Mountain Lakes, County of Morris, State of New Jersey finds it necessary to discuss matters relating to:


·        Personnel


            WHEREAS, the Borough Council believes it to be in the best interest of the public to discuss such matters in closed session.


            NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Borough Council of the Borough of Mountain Lakes, that it shall enter Executive Session to discuss only those matters mentioned above; the results of which will be disclosed when the matters are resolved and upon vote of the Governing Body to release the minutes.


Motion by Councilman McWilliams, second by Councilman Jackson, to enter into Executive Session, with all members in favor signifying by “Aye.”


Motion by Deputy Mayor Happer, second by Councilman Shaw, to close the Executive Session and return to the public portion of the meeting, with all members in favor signifying by “Aye.”   



Councilwoman Bravo reminded the Council and public that the dedication of Cove Park would be held on Saturday at 3 p.m.


Councilman Jackson said the Borough Hall had an unexpected visitor at its front doors today. A small black bear exited the woods across the street from the building and came right up to the front door before turning around and going back into the woods.



Ms Halpin said she was pleased by all the volunteer work and resident involvement in the Centennial events that have been taking place this year. (Hereto attached)

There will be a Centennial outdoor art installation at the Mountain Lakes High School beginning October 16 and running through October 30.

She urged everyone to buy tickets to the upcoming play at the High School on October 28-29 at 7:30 p.m. The play “Laker Voices: The Splendid Promise of Mountain Lakes” was written, directed and will be performed by Lakers and “brings the community’s history to life through funny, poignant and meaningful stories.”  Tickets are $10 and can be purchased at the door or at the library.

This year’s Historic House Tour will be held on December 5 and will feature modern living in six historic homes.

The closing ceremony for the Centennial celebrations will be on January 3, 2012 at the Borough’s reorganization meeting at 7:30 p.m. Ms. Halpin said the Centennial Committee expects to complete the events within budget.



       Mayor Gormally opened the public comment portion of the meeting with consent of the Council.


       Mayor Gormally explained the Council’s policy of limiting each speaker to five (5) minutes and no yielding of time to

       another person.


Fred Kanter – Hanover Road

Mr. Kanter complained that the foliage and bushes at the intersection of Hanover and Glen continue to create a safety hazard and are still in violation of the Borough codes.


With no one else wishing to be heard, Mayor Gormally closed the public comment portion of the meeting.



   A. Resident’s Guide to Mountain Lakes

   Ms. Best provided the Council with a copy of the final draft of the guide. The Council discussed how the information

   would be distributed to residents. Mayor Gormally said the guide should be put on the Borough’s web site as soon as

   possible. Deputy Mayor Happer suggested a hyper link to the Borough’s codes. Councilwoman Bravo said she

   supported mailing the guide to every household.  


  Chief Tovo said the printing and distribution might have to wait until 2012 due to budget concerns.



     R 113 Application NJ Firemen’s Association

     R 114 Payment of Bills

     R 115 Release of Executive Minutes/Oct 26, 2009  



September 26, 2011 Regular

September 26, 2011 Executive

The minutes were approved with minor corrections.


Council Member






































































A.  Construction Official

B.  Health

C. Fire



    Mr. Oostdyk had nothing to report.



    The Mountain Lakes Cove Restoration Committee has been chosen to receive the Association of New Jersey

    Environmental Achievement Award for 2011. The award will be presented on October 15 at Brookdale Community

    College in Lincroft, NJ. A resolution will be presented later in the meeting officially naming the area Cove Park.

   Councilman Jackson said an ordinance may also be needed.  


    Chief Tovo updated the council on the paving project at the condos and Intervale Road. He explained that a

    miscalculation of the width of the roads, done during the time Gary Webb was Borough Manager, made it necessary to

    stop the project due to a cost overrun. Intervale Road was not impacted. Chief Tovo said he has informed the two condo

    presidents of the situation.


    Chief Tovo told the Council that he had received a letter informing the Borough that Judge Miniman would be retiring at

    the end of this year.


   Chief Tovo read the following resolution into the minutes:


   Resolution appointing Norman Eckstein as acting Chief Financial Officer


            WHEREAS, the Borough of Mountain Lakes has a vacancy in the office of Chief Financial Officer; and


WHEREAS, Norman Eckstein has the qualifications to serve as Acting Chief Financial Officer.


            NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Borough Council of the Borough of Mountain Lakes, in the County of Morris and State of New Jersey, that Norman Eckstein is hereby appointed Acting Chief Financial Officer.


Motion by Councilman Shaw, second by Councilwoman Bravo, with all members in favor signifying by Roll Call Vote.



 Resolution 118-11

 Motion by Councilwoman Bravo, second by Councilman McWilliams, to designated the cove  area as Cove Park, with all

 members in favor signifying by “Aye” by Roll Call Vote.   


Councilman Shaw said the Lakes Management Committee was lacking a quorum at the last meeting but stayed for an informal discussion on lake cleaning, the Wildwood Lake spillway, and seasonal adjustments and management of the lake levels.


The Finance Committee is seeking to set up a meeting date.


The Shared Services Committee has not met lately.


Councilman Shaw explained that Boonton Township’s Mayor contacted him regarding a possible shared service with Boonton’s Certified Municipal Financial Officer.


Councilwoman Bravo said the Cove Committee will be receiving the ANJEC Award on October 15 at 9 a.m. The dedication of Cove Park will be held later on the same day.


The Historic Preservation Committee’s Ad Hoc has asked to be on the November 14th meeting agenda.


Councilman McWilliams said the Environmental Commission’s ERI will be presented at a Planning Board meeting on October 27 and will also go toward the Borough’s Sustainable New Jersey certification.  He noted that the Commission wants to be part of discussions regarding any solid waste changes next year.


Councilman Jackson said the Traffic and Safety Committee continues to work on sidewalks in the Borough.


The Shade Tree Commission continues to sell trees for the Centennial.


The Zoning Board of Adjustment is in need of a new member. Any name suggestions should be submitted for the next Council meeting.  The Board is also working on revising fees and the check list.


Mayor Gormally thanked the Library Board for allowing residents to utilize its resources during the hurricane. Internet services were available for residents.


Mr. Prusina informed the Council that all wells were operating and the moratorium has been lifted on water hook ups. Councilman Jackson said a time period should be established for residents with private wells to hook up to the Borough’s water system.


Motion by Councilman Jackson, second by Councilwoman Bravo to appoint Mayor Gormally, Councilman Shaw, and Councilman Holmberg as the search committee members for the Borough Manager’s position, with all members in favor signifying by “Aye.”



Mayor Gormally opened the second public comment portion of the meeting.


Fred Kanter – Hanover Road

Mr. Kanter complained that contractor signs were being permitted in the Borough when other types of signs were prohibited. He said all signs should be prohibited.  He again objected to the use of concrete curbing at Cove Park stating that Belgium block had been utilized in the vicinity not concrete. 


With no one else wishing to be heard, Mayor Gormally closed the public comment of the meeting.



Motion by Councilwoman Bravo, second by Councilman Jackson, to adjourn the meeting at 9:18 p.m., with all members in favor signifying by “Aye.”



*Consent Agenda

Attest: October 11, 2011


________________________________       _______________________________ 

Christina Whitaker, Clerk                                  Charles X. Gormally, Mayor