Meeting Minutes Mountain Lakes Green Team


 September 23, 2010



 In Attendance:  N. Wright, M. Rosseland and J. Bay


 Next Meeting:  October 6 1pm at 430 Morris Avenue



 We're back!  We had a hiatus with my taking a new job and some health Issues  but the team met yesterday and focused on the natural resources inputs and we are SO CLOSE.  We also have a new member - please welcome Laurel who has  agreed to be the technical guru - key to getting all of this information into the system.


 Let me recap where we are on projects and points:


 Carbon Footprint:  Completed by Nicole and attached for upload (yeah!).Laurel I emailed you the passwords for doing this. I believe everything has to be converted to a PDF first.   Points:  10


 Energy Audit:  The audits of B Hall and DPW are complete and Barry has the report for the B Hall and is expecting the DPW report soon.  I re-read the rules for submitting and these are our options:  a.) submit the report for one bldg and receive 20 pts or b.) submit the report for both bldgs + a  sheet about what we have implemented and receive 50 pts.  I would lean towards the latter as we could get more points for work that is already done  and surely we will implement something from the audit.  Given that we are not under a time crunch (we missed the Sept deadline), we could wait until  you have your implementation plan before Council to determine whether we should go for the 50 or settle for the 20.  What do you think?


 Community Forestry Plan/Tree Planting/Tree Maintenance/Tree health assessment/Tree computer program:  I've lumped all of these actions together because they are overlapping from our perspective.  Nicole has agreed to follow up with shade tree to see if we have an actual "canopy goal," to determine if there are any before and after photos for tree plantings, to get a bill for tree removal and tree pruning, and to write up brief "project  reports" for each of these topics to satisfy requirements.  I have email Sustainable Jersey to ask what we should do with very large documents and documents that are a web link vs. an upload.  Points:  60



 Pay as you throw 10 points


 Recycling Depot 10 points


 Paper shredding 5 points


 Community education 10 points



 These are Mary's domain and we will cover them in detail at the next




 Green Team 10 pts


 Environmental Commission 10 pts



 I have documentation for these



 NRI:  The EC is in the process of uploading various chapters to a website.

 Perhaps Andy could give us an update as to the status of the upload as

 Well  as the address.  I know that some chapters are still being worked on but

 Are  close to completion.  20 points



 Total points (assuming 50 from the audits):195.  This is over what we need

 for bronze (150) but well under silver (350).



 One of their criteria above and beyond points, however, is to earn points

 In 6 out of 16 categories.  At the moment, our actions fall into 5 categories

 so we will need to take on something else.  Possible areas are:  historic

 preservation plan, solar or anti-idling.