Green Team Meeting Minutes

November 17, 2011


In AttendanceJackie Bay and Chief Tovo


Purpose:  Update Chief Tovo on status of Borough Sustainable Jersey submission in light of departure of Borough Manager Barry Lewis. 


Jackie reported that at our last meeting, then Borough Manager Barry Lewis had agreed to submit documentation behind Energy Audit and Audit Implementations to achieve a total of 50 points.  Chief Tovo reported that he was aware of the project, that audit recommendations have been implemented but that he was not able to locate the files.  It was determined that Jackie would review the entire submission and put together a list of outages that Borough management could assist in providing.  Due to the shortage of borough resources, Chief Tovo committed to uploading the information himself.


The documentation for the solar demonstration project was also discussed.  Jackie reported that the files were completed under direction of the BOE and that she would take care of uploading them.


Lastly, Chief Tovo reported his desire to pursue grants under the Safe Streets program which is listed under potential actions in Sustainable Jersey.  Jackie agreed to look into the requirements and see if it made sense for the EC to take on a project in this realm. 


Next Meeting:   Scheduled for November 29th at 10am in Chief Tovo’s office.  Purpose:  provide a list of needed documentation in order to make the 2010 Sustainable Jersey submission date of January 6th


Subsequent Meeting:  This remaining work for the submission will be discussed and distributed to Commission members at the next EC meeting at Borough Hall on December 7, 2011 at 7:30pm