Mountain Lakes Recreation Commission

Minutes for Meeting November 15, 2011



Present:  Debbie Bednar, Celia Flynn, Nicole Wright, Rich Mancuso, Rich Squeglia, Deborah Shertzer

Absent: Davis Marshall, Pete Sentowski, Scott Richards, Dede Conlin, Doug McWilliams (Borough Council Liaison), Cathy Mitchell (Board of Ed Liaison)


1.   Minutes - October minutes were accepted with the following changes: 1. Correct spelling of Cathy Mitchell and 2.Eliminate sentence “Some club teams….for profit organization.”.  Deb Shertzer will post on the website.

2.   Recreation Program Requirements and Guidelines - Celia distributed Insurance coverage criteria for determining which organizations can be covered by the town’s insurance policy.  “In kind” is covered by the provision of free access to facilities that the Borough pays for upkeep on.


An initial drat of the definitions/guidelines of a “Mountain Lakes Recreation” program was presented by Rich Mancuso and Rich Squeglia.  Initial feedback included the following direction from the Commissioners:

A.    The Characteristics will be limited to:

a.    Non Profit

b.    All Inclusive

c.    Instructional by Nature

d.    Receives priority for Borough Facilities after the schools

e.    Governed and administered by ML Borough Recreation Commission risk management protocols


B.    All inclusive provision will not say “unconditional” but will make it clear that programs will not be restricted by level of skill/talent, etc.


Once the Guidelines are established, the Commission expressed interest in having a liaison to every Rec sport board.  However, in subsequent discussions on the mandate of commission, it was stressed that the Rec Commission is not a governing board and must be prudent in determining the role that liaisons might play on Rec team boards.

3.   Discussion of “Conflict of interest” concerns – Celia Flynn presented the Commission with a draft Conflict of Interest Advisory document.  Those present agreed to the proposed draft with the replacement of “payment” with “financially benefits” in point 1. 


Once the guidelines are in place, meetings will be set up with current Rec Programs as a test to discover and resolve issues that may exist for the programs.






4.   Director’s Report – Celia identified the need to assemble a Capital Improvement budget that emphasizes safely issues.  She also suggested that each program contribute towards facility maintenance.  It was agreed that Commission members would do a tour of all the facilities to make an inventory of items needed.  It will be part of the head of Facilities responsibility.


The “Pay for it” system is ready to go for spring program registrations.  It will be linked to each program’s registration page. 

The Christmas Tree Lighting will be Dec 4th from 5-6pm.  Nicole will help. The Menorah Lighting date is still to be determined.

First/second grade girls basketball program will be launched this year.  It will be Saturday mornings at Wildwood.

The Track program is at risk, as Recreation does not have access to the track at the High School.  Celia will pull together numbers to show usage of the program to convince the High School to schedule time for the program.

The PCA Coaching Clinic will be held on Sat. Nov. 19, 8:00 – 10:00 AM.  The PCA Parent clinic will be held on Mon. Nov. 21, 7:30 – 9:30 PM.




Meeting adjourned at 9:40pm.