Minutes for May 22, 2012

7:30 PM Borough Hall




Present:  Bednar, Terhune, Wright, Mancuso, Conlin, Richards, Spoto, Flynn, Caputo, Shertzer, Sentowski


Absent: Gormally, Mitchell




Nicole Wright will assume the role of Secretary for the balance of 2012.


A motion to approve the April minutes was made by Mark Caputo and seconded by Lydia Spoto.  All were in favor.


Swim Director Report - Dede Conlin reported that Sailing Camp participants would be assessed for the swim test at the same time as the swim team.  Dede has received a large number of applications for Life Guard positions and expects to have a full complement for the summer.  Dede will also run a CPR and AED instruction for the Sailing Camp Instructors.  Beaches will open on June 23rd.  Barbara Seeger will be put on salary to insure that she is properly insured.  The Park Ranger will start checking the beaches on Memorial Weekend.  Mountain Lakes will host the Lakeland Swimming Championship on August 11.


Celia Flynn pointed out that triathlon-training groups are using our beaches, most of which are not residents.  The police have been notified and will work to ensure that these groups stop using the facilities.


The commission will insure that the Community knows about the recreation opportunities available through the Hub Lakes Association.  Deb Bednar suggested that this could be included in an article for Mountain Lakes Magazine.


Director’s Report – Charles Gormally asked Celia Flynn to address council with an overview of Recreation and answer questions from Borough Councilors on Monday, May 14th.  In preparing for the meeting, Celia noticed several issues in the Borough’s books with respect to the Recreation program spending which required resolution.  Borough Council has become much more aware of the Recreation spending as they now have to approve all expenses including pass through expenses.  Celia explained the conflict of interest issues that have been resolved over the past year and the new committees and structure that the Recreation Commission is considering adopting.


Celia Flynn reviewed the Recreation Revenue/Expenses (attached).  There was a discussion of the $1700 subsidy for the swim team as subsidies have not been available for other programs. In addition, there are substantial beach expenses that the town covers such as lifeguard time that are direct swim team expenses.  It was agreed that this was inconsistent with the expectations of other Mountain Lakes Recreation programs and should be reviewed before the 2013 budget is assembled.


Celia Flynn pointed out that there is an increasing interest in out of season Recreation sport programs and recommended that the Sports Committee to examine the issue and put a recommendation forward on how the Commission will handle going forward.  She also suggested that the Facility Committee should evaluate if facility use fees should be charged to any program that uses Mountain Lakes Borough owned facilities as Boonton Township does for organizations using RFL Fields.


Deb Shertzer suggested that donations for the Fourth of July could be solicited via an email blast that has a link to Recreation Director’s new electronic payment options.  Celia Flynn commented that the development of the Recreation website has been hampered by dissention on the council as to whether an external Webmaster is necessary.


Celia Flynn reported that there have only been four sign ups for the Mitch Rubenstein’s spring and fall tennis program and the program is unlikely to run this year.


In future years, summer camp registration will be available by April 1st.


Recreation Commission Mission/Structure Document (attached) – Deb Bednar made a motion to accept the document (attached) as a Draft; Kim Terhune seconded the motion; all were in favor.


Nicole Wright made a motion to nominate Deb Shertzer as Vice Chair of the Commission; Debbie Bednar seconded the motion; 8 commissioners were in favor and Deb Shertzer abstained.


Recreation Sub-Committees for 2012/13-


Programs and Events – Debbie Bednar, Lydia Spoto

Sports – Deb Shertzer, Peter Sentowski, and Kim Terhune

Finance – Scott Richards and Rich Mancuso

Facilities – Nicole Wright and Mark Caputo


The Committees will hold until the end of 2013 at which point commissioners will be reassigned.  Each committee is expected to report on their main goals for 2012/13 at the next meeting.


Recreation Insurance – Deb Bednar requested that all groups associated with Recreation be asked to provide insurance details and produce a certificate of insurance.  Celia Flynn pointed out the there may be insurance issues regarding the BOE School Coach run Summer Camps but this is a Board of Education issue as these programs are run on their facilities.


Meeting was adjourned at 9:25pm




Action Items


1. Celia Flynn will bring Financial Disclosure Statements to the June meeting for every Commissioner to sign for 2012.


2. Each Recreation Committee will meet and report on major goals for 2012/13 at the next meeting.








The next meeting will be on Tuesday, June 26 (rescheduled from June 19th)






















Mountain Lakes Recreation Commission




The mission of the Borough of Mountain Lakes Recreation Commission is to offer quality, affordable, and diverse recreational and cultural programs and facilities to the residents of Mountain Lakes of all ages and abilities.  By providing these services to meet the recreational and leisure needs of the community, we will strive to enrich and to improve well-being and quality of life.



Š     Act in an advisory capacity to the Borough Council and Borough Management on recreational matters.

Š     Develop guidelines for our recreational sports programs.

Š     Foster partnerships with all community sports organizations.

Š     Set policy and guidelines for the use of recreational facilities for the Borough in conjunction with local, state and federal laws and regulations.

Š     Collaborate with Borough and DPW to provide safe, maintained and attractive facilities and open spaces.

Š     Develop and maintain an ongoing Budget Plan.

Š     Oversee existing programs and recommend new offerings for the community.



Meetings are normally held at 7:30 pm on the third Tuesday of each month at Borough Hall.

The Chairperson shall set the monthly meeting agenda with input from the Recreation Director and Commissioners.

The monthly meetings shall be attended regularly by the members of the Commission, the Recreation Director, the Borough Council liaison and the Board of Education liaison.  The Beach Director and other invited guests will attend as needed (e.g. seasonally).



There shall be a Recreation Commission consisting of nine members, who shall be appointed by the Borough Council. 

Each member shall serve for three years.  Vacancies shall be filled by the Council for the unexpired term only.  All appointments, except to fill vacancies, shall be made to take effect January 1 of each year. 

The Commission shall designate a Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson and Secretary.  The Vice-Chairperson shall serve as acting Chairperson in the absence or event of disability of the Chairperson. The Secretary shall keep and distribute meeting minutes. 

Each January, the Commission shall re-evaluate/re-confirm the role of Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson and appoints a new Secretary. 

The Chairperson may declare a position vacant if a Commissioner is absent from three consecutive meetings, barring extenuating circumstances.

Each Commissioner shall assist with 1-2 recreation events annually.



There shall be four Recreation Subcommittees: Programs/Events, Sports, Finance and Facilities.

Each Recreation Commissioner shall serve on at least one subcommittee and participate in one subcommittee meeting per month, or more as needed.

Minutes shall be kept at subcommittee meetings and decision shall be reported back to the Recreation Commission during monthly meetings.

Each subcommittee shall prioritize and focus on 1-2 key priorities/projects each year.

Programs/Events Subcommittee:

Š     Shall consistent of 2 Commissioners

Š     Shall provide input and recommendations to the Recreation Director regarding holiday programs, trout stocking and other non-sporting activities (e.g. trout stocking).

Š     Shall also offer guidance regarding program continuity and securing volunteer assistance to manage such events.

Š     Shall be responsible for investigating new programs (e.g. adult yoga, teen dances) and working with Recreation Director to implement

Sports Subcommittee:

Š     Shall consist of 3 Commissioners.  The Vice Chairperson shall lead the Sports subcommittee.

Š     Shall provide a standard definition of a “recreation” sports program and the elements such sports programs (e.g. background checks and training requirements for coaches)

Š     Shall determine the appropriate role that the Recreation Director and Commission should play with non-recreation sports programs.

Š     Shall oversee the collection and resolution of complaints made by parents and players.

Š     Shall monitor and address conflicts of interest within sports programs.

Š     Shall liaise with sports program boards (ex. each member of Commission assigned to a program and will audit ~2 of their board meetings each year)

Š     Shall work to sports programs to establish boards of directors if they do not exist today (e.g. basketball)


Finance Subcommittee:

Š     Shall consist of 2 Commissioners.

Š     Shall provide high-level financial analysis and recommendations to Commission and Borough Council (e.g. beach tag fees).

Š     Shall track program revenue and expenses.

Š     Shall assist Recreation Director with budget planning.

Š     Shall monitor the accounting of recreational sports bank accounts.


Facilities Subcommittee:

Š     Shall consist of 2 Commissioners.

Š     Shall develop transparent rules for facility usage and determine consistent enforcement for assigning and paying for facilities.

Š     Shall work with Board of Education to develop online field scheduling/reservation system.

Š     Shall provide oversight of and maintenance/improvement recommendations for beaches, parks/playgrounds and tennis courts.

Š     Shall determine the feasibility of a community garden

Š     Shall work with Finance Subcommittee to set fees for facility usage.


Meeting Protocols:

Š       Chairperson shall:

o   Set agenda with input from Recreation Director and Commissioners

o   Manage meeting and keep on track per agenda

o   Allow for public comment during each meeting.  Each speaker is limited to five (5) minutes and may not yield time to another person.

Š       Commission shall:

o   Approve minutes from previous meeting

o   Review action items (kept separately from meeting minutes)

o   Provide subcommittee reports

Š       Recreation Director shall:

o   Provide monthly report which focus on issues.  No need for detailed summary of previous events.

o   Review upcoming recreation calendar and decision dates/decisions needed.

o   Provide an annual recreation summary report at each March meeting



Chairperson shall send email to Commissioners one week prior to meeting to request agenda items.

Recreation Director and Chairperson shall communicate regularly between monthly meetings to determine if Commission involvement is necessary to resolve issue prior to next meeting.

Minutes shall be routed within one week of meeting, preferably within 2-3 business days. Email will contain cover sheet with action items (separate from minutes). Both minutes and action items will be deemed accurate if no response from Commission after 2 business days.

Minutes shall be reviewed and approved at each meeting.  Once approved, Secretary will send minutes to webmaster for posting to ML internet site.

Chairperson will provide Borough Council and Board of Ed liaisons with key talking points/decisions need after each monthly meeting.

The Borough Council will be informed of the Commission’s decisions via a formal letter with supporting information regarding such decisions. This letter will be submitted to Council by the Chairperson and/or Recreation Director.

 Recreation Revenues/Expenses  - 2011 and prior years


Summer Camp Registrations fees 2011: $85.00 @week, after June 21 $100.00 @week

Numbers similar to last year with about 300 children participating.






Camp payroll




Camp expenses

$  6,600.00

$  7,800.00

$  8,613.00









Registration fees





$  1,955.00 rolled over

             From prior year







Gain or Loss

  $ 4,566.03





Summer Camp fees for 2012:       $85.00 a week prior to May 25

                                                  $100.00 a week May 26 to June 22

                                                $125.00 a week June 23 on

                                    ****new early pre-camp session from 8:00 am to 9:00 am - $35.00 a week

                                                Jazz Camp for 2 weeks 12:30 to 2 pm $125.00 a week

                                                Field Hockey Camp


Beach/tennis/boat rack fees






Beach tag revenue




Tennis tag revenue

$  2,390.00

$  2,360.00


Boat Rack revenue

$  5,700.00

$ 5,998.00



*** new for Summer 2012: Tags will be required for children age 2 and up

            To encourage early purchase, any registrations purchased after June 22 will cost $30.00 for a single person and $130.00 for a family registration.














Staff and maintenance of Beaches and Facilities (numbers are not final)





Rec Director Salary




Beach Director salary




 Out of season pay for

Beach Director

$ 2,085.00



Life guard salaries




Lifeguard equipment and First aid





 Overtime wages

$4,000.00 (aprox)



Park Ranger salary




Beach/Tennis tags and swim patches




ML Swim team






Salaries for 2012

Recreation Director:  $24,500.00

Beach Director:                      $13,500.00 + approx $250.00 cell phone use 3 months.

Park Ranger               $3,500.00

Lifeguards:                 $52,000.00

                                    $1,700.00 salary for Swim Team coach

                                    $46,000.00 teachers and staff for Summer Camp (paid from registration fees)