Minutes for July 17, 2012

7:30 PM Borough Hall




Present:  Commissioners - Bednar, Caputo, Shertzer, Terhune, Wright; Recreation Director – Flynn; Swim Director – Conlan; Borough Council Liaison – Gormally; Board of Education Liaison - Mitchell


Absent: Mancuso, Richards, Sentowski, Spoto




A motion to approve the June 24, 2012 Minutes was made by Mark Caputo and seconded by Deb Shertzer.  All present were in favor.


Public Comment- A statement was made by the Recreation Sailing Program.  The Sailing program board feels that camper safety outside the designated swim area would be enhanced in the case of an accident if they had access to the new police motorboat on Mountain Lake.  Jay Eveleth also pointed out that the camp is losing potential campers, as families do not feel there are adequate safety precautions in place without access to motorboat for rescue operations.


Charles Gormally asked the representatives of the Recreation Sailing Board if they felt that camper safety was at risk with the current set up.   The Board representatives assured the Commission that camper safety was not in jeopardy but they were trying to enhance their protocols by obtaining access to the motorboat if an emergency situation occurred.  Dede Conlan pointed out that the program has traditionally had excellent safety precautions in place and has never had an accident.  She also noted that if the Island Beach lifeguards are notified of a problem, they are set up such that one guard can assist outside of the beach area.  The new motorized boat was purchased primarily for the Mountain Lakes police department use and is kept locked when not in use.  At the moment, there is no clear protocol on how it can be brought into action and the logistics involved may be somewhat complicated.


All the Sailing program councilors 16 and over are qualified to run the AED machines but they do not have life saving qualifications.  All councilors carry mobile phones with them in case of emergency.


The Commission gave clear instructions that if there is an issue, the councilors should immediately call 911 and then the Guard shack for lifeguard assistance.  The sailing program was asked to research what competitive programs do regarding emergency protocols and make a formal recommendation to the Commission as to what should be put in place.  It was also agreed that a request would be made to have the boat on the lake manned by the police for the upcoming sailing meet.


Swim Director Report


There are reports that there are quite a few outsiders at Birchwood at night.  Celia Flynn will mention to the police and the ranger for follow up.


At the Lakeland swim meet on Aug 11, there will not be swimming allowed.  Kim Terhune pointed out that Mountain Lakes is the only club that does not allow swimming in her experience.  Dede Conlan responded that there is not enough staff to cover the beach when the meet is in progress.  However, she will try and have the staff to have swimming during the breaks to ensure that there are cool off times available.  She will assess the guard situation and report back to Deb Bednar and Celia Flynn as to how she will manage the situation.  It was suggested that some of the lifeguard positions are not true lifeguard needs but crowd management and perhaps the Swim Team could provide manpower to staff some of these “non life guard” needs.


Mark Caputo reported that his research indicates that “Swim at your own risk,” conveys that swimming is allowed.  The signs should read “Beach unguarded after 6pm”or “No life guards on duty after 6pm” as the beaches are public bathing facilities.  Charles Gormally will follow up with the town attorney.


Director’s Report


Camp is going well.  The early hour drop off has limited enrollment … approximately 5-11 kids per session.  Participation is about the same as in in previous years but there are more older children registered.


The firework finale at the Fourth of July celebration had a glitch.  The finale went off at the beginning of the display and there was no actual finale.  Bob Tovo is holding the check pending a discussion with the company who provided the display.  Public donations are at approximately $6-7 thousand to date.


Sailing councilors to be paid for all hours worked.  Celia Flynn will follow up with the Sailing Program to ensure this happens.


Recreation Committee Reports -


Programs and Events – See report attached.


Sports – See report attached.


Finance – This report was delayed until the August meeting, as the subcommittee representatives were unavailable.  It was noted that the 2013 budget process needs to start in September with a formal ask to Chief Tovo in October.



Facilities – See report attached.  An examination of the Fanny Field lease will be added to see if the current field management practices are consistent with Borough ordinances.



Other Business



Meeting was adjourned at 9:53pm




Action Items


1.     The board of the Recreation Sailing program will research what competitive programs do regarding emergency protocols and make a formal recommendation to the Commission as to what should be put in place.

2.     Dede Conlan will assess the guard situation for the Lakeland meet on August 11th and report back to Deb Bednar and Celia Flynn as to how she will manage the situation.

3.     Celia Flynn will mention to the police and the ranger that there have been reports of non-resident beach use at night and ask them to investigate.

4.     Charles Gormally will follow up with the town attorney regarding the “Swim at your own risk” at the public beaches.

5.     Celia Flynn will follow up with the Sailing Program to ensure that the sailing councilors to be paid for all hours worked.  .




The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, August 21st, 2012 at 7:30pm.















Program Subcommittee meeting, June 5, 2012


Deb Bednar

Lydia Spoto



Program committee events:


1. Fourth of July Fireworks and Music, Fun Races:

Celia manages this event.  Program subcommittee will help wherever necessary


2. Halloween:

Soft Bones foundation has offered to run a daytime Halloween parade for pre-schoolers and families, and a night time Zombie Walk for older kids. 

Discussed running a House Decoration Competition, charge $25 fee to register your house, proceeds to benefit Soft Bones Foundation.


3. Christmas Tree lighting:

Will contact Bell Choir from the Community Church as soon as date for this is set.


4. Menorah Lighting

Will be in contact with same Rabbi from Parsippany temple as last year once date is set


5. Trout Derby


6. Egg Hunt :

Suggested changing egg hunt to scavenger hunt, or perhaps a different location as the playground equipment seems to detract from the event


7. New items:

Discussed a possible seasonal community cook-off:

            Fall – Fruit Pies         

Winter – chili            

Spring – BBQ

Summer – salads










Top 3 Priorities for Sport Sub-Committee in 2012

1.     Define ML recreational sports

a.     What are the core values?

b.     What are the governance standards?

                                               i.     Board of Directors with specific roles (president, treasurer, secreatary)

                                              ii.     Succession plan

c.     What is the checklist of requirements?

                                               i.     Coaches training

                                              ii.     Background checks (unified under one system)

                                             iii.     Incent parents to coach – refund program fees, pay for training/background

                                            iv.     Encourage involvement/guidance from high school coaches

                                             v.     Documentation how the grade level program should be run and what skills the kids should be working on by age

                                            vi.     Conflict of interest

                                           vii.     Consistent online registration across rec programs

d.     Based on checklist, which sports are true recreational programs (track, basketball, swimming/diving, sailing, girls lacrosse, field hockey, soccer, boys lacrosse, football, wrestling)


2.     Implement Complaint Resolution Process

a.     Set up email box off the Recreation website where people can send in complaints (anonymously or not) for any program that uses recreation facilities or is an endorsed ML recreational sport.

b.     Ensure that each sport website has a link to the mailbox


3.     Assign Recreation Commission liaisons to the programs that are not ML “rec,” but are endorsed by ML

a.     Request Celia send introductory email to sports boards

b.     Use the 2011 survey as basis for initial discussion

c.     Assignments: 

                                               i.     Boys/Girls Lacrosse – Pete

                                              ii.     Soccer – Deb

                                             iii.     Baseball/Softball – Kim

                                            iv.     Football – to be assigned at a later date













Facilities Recreation Subcommittee

Summary of Goals and Issues – 2012/13

June 24, 2012



Committee members:  Mark Caputo, Nicole Wright



It is recognized that facility usage for any facility owned by Borough or the BOE will be regulated under the following hierarchy:

1.     ML School Teams

2.     Mountain Lakes Recreation* programs

3.     Other Organizations, Programs or Individuals using the facilities to the benefit of Mountain Lakes residents


*  It is not clear if this definition is limited to programs that fall strictly under the Recreation Director’s control or includes any “not for profit” club or program that serves the Mountain Lakes Community.  This issue requires further discussion by the Recreation Commission and a clear definition should be established.


Primary Goals:


1.     Define which Recreational facilities can be reserved, what services and levels of exclusivity come with a reservation, when the public should be able to make a booking and what (if any) fee should be charged to make a reservation.

2.     Develop a reservation system that is as automated as possible while allowing for use approval from the Recreation Director and the Athletic Director where appropriate.

3.     Develop a facility use electronic calendar with the BOE.  Determine if the calendar should be available for public view.



Other Issues to Monitor

-       Tennis Court usage and maintenance.  Access to courts by BT students

-       The role of the Wilson School (both in terms of WS use of ML facilities and ML use of WS facilities).

-       Access to training facilities for the Youth Track and Field program

-       Bathroom facilities at the beaches

-       Alcohol licenses for public events

-       Viability of a Community Garden facility

-       Staffing requirements to cover weekend and evening facility reservations.