Minutes for August 21st, 2012

7:30 PM Borough Hall




Present:  Commissioners - Bednar, Mancuso, Richards, Shertzer, Spoto, Wright; Recreation Director – Flynn; Swim Director – Conlin; Board of Education Liaison - Mitchell


Absent:  Caputo, Sentowski, Terhune; Borough Council Liaison – Gormally




A motion to approve the July 17th, 2012 Minutes as corrected was made by Lydia Spoto and seconded by Rich Mancuso.  All were in favor.


Swim Director Report –The Lakeland Meet went very well and we were able to provide open swimming through the meet.  The Mountain Lakes Swim association stepped up with 8 volunteers.  Next year we will require one more guard.  The last day for guards at Birchwood will be Thursday, Aug 23.  Island Beach will be open with guards until August 31st.


There are several boats at Island Beach that are not registered.  The fee for registration is $5 but can be waived for Sailing Association Boats.  Celia will follow up with Jay Eveleth.


Birchwood Beach was closed for two days last week, as there were not enough guards available to cover both beaches.


The Red Cross has redone their program and the fees have gone up substantially.  They now charge $300 to facilities that provide training.  Our facility is only open for a couple of months and we teach about 70 kids.  Dede suggested that we might want to give up the Red Cross endorsement and save the fees.  Lessons for the kids would remain the same.  Scott Richards made a motion to opt out of the Red Cross facility fee; Nicole Wright seconded; all were in favor. 


In addition, lifeguards recertification will now cost $35 per guard every year.  It was decided that the Rec Commission should cover this cost.  Nicole Wright and Mark Caputo will work with Celia and Dede and make a recommendation next month.


Director’s Report – The offices are renovated upstairs.  There is a new Finance Director and part time clerk.


Summer camp went well.  Total kids and revenue appear to be in line with last year.  The early drop off session was not as popular as hoped but it will likely be repeated again net year before a decision will be made.  There have also been requests for an option to allow kids to stay later.  This will be considered next year, possibly for only one or two days a week.


Celia Flynn would like to update the Town website with all the programs available.  In additions, she would like a calendar set up to reflect all key sports dates.  The Sports Committee will follow up.


The current Recreation website links do not work on the iPad.  Deb Shertzer will follow up with Andy Bulfer.


Celia Flynn will continue to follow up with Margaret DeWItt to ensure that the actual hours worked are reflected for Sailing Club Junior Councilors pay requests.




Recreation Committee Reports -


Finance – See attachments.


Over the past two years, the Borough administration has not been tracking financial sub accounts.  The new Borough Financial administration is working to clean up the books and streamline the process. Celia Flynn pointed out that the first goal outlined by the sub-committee may be unrealistic as the financial sub-committee cannot access to day-to-day operational accounting, but can only access financial reports.  Scott Richards suggested that the Finance’s first priority should be put on hold and focus should be on the second issue – “To get an understanding of the recreation operational budget”.

Scott Richards and Rich Mancuso are going to spend some time with Boonton and Denville to see how their Rec Commissions are run financially. 

Scott Richards agreed to obtain a financial accounting for the Recreational Swim program.


Programs and Events – The Halloween Borough event with be run through the Soft Bones Foundation this year.  They are waiting for their Facility Request form to be approved by the Board of Education.  They are planning to run the event for all ages on Sunday, October 28th.


Sports – Deb Shertzer asked Celia Flynn to make formal introductions to the lacrosse, softball/baseball and soccer boards.  They are working with some interested parties to create a Basketball Recreation Board.  Celia Flynn requested that the Committee also work with the Track program to form a board.


Facilities – The basketball court and tennis courts are not in good shape and may need repairs.  There has also been a request for the installation of a net on the back of the volleyball court at Birchwood.




Other Business



Meeting was adjourned at 9:26pm




Action Items


1.    Celia will follow up with Jay Eveleth to ensure that all sailboats at Island Beach are registered with the Borough.


2.    Nicole Wright and Mark Caputo will work with Celia Flynn and Dede Conlan and make a recommendation on how lifeguard certification fees will be covered in 2013.


3.    The Sports Committee will follow up will work with Celia Flynn to create a Recreation Calendar that reflects all the key dates for Recreation Sports programs


4.    Deb Shertzer will follow up with Andy Bulfer to ensure that Borough Recreation website links will open on an iPad.


5.    Celia Flynn will continue to follow up with Margaret DeWItt to ensure that the actual hours worked are reflected for Sailing Club Junior Councilors pay requests.


6.    Celia Flynn will contact the lacrosse, softball/baseball and soccer boards to make formal introductions to the members of the Recreation Sports sub-committee.


7.    Nicole Wright and Mark Caputo will contact Mark Prusina to get cost estimates for the repair work on the tennis courts, outdoor basketball court and the installation of a back net at Birchwood for inclusion in a 2013 Recreation budget request.





The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, Sept 18th.






Top Priorities for the Finance Sub-Committee for 2012-2013




o   To get our recreation programs to run the finance day to day responsibilities themselves.

o   To get an understanding of the recreation operational budget



1.     Work with Celia to provide a regular accounting of the Rec Commission capital and operational budget.

2.     Work with Celia to understand the borough’s operational and capital budgeting process and be responsible for updating the Rec Commission.

3.     Work with Celia to establish an acceptable method for the borough whereby the day-to-day operational accounting for programs under the Rec Commission is the responsibility of the program.

4.     Work with Celia to establish a method for the best way to account for and manage the various Rec program “Trust Accounts.”



Unlike some of the other sub-committees this committee needs access to information that is controlled by borough employees. Our desire is to meet with Celia and/or other borough employees to get “our hands” around the current accounting to streamline and to transfer much of the individual rec programs accounting responsibilities from the borough to the program.