Minutes for November 20, 2012

7:30 PM Borough Hall



Present:  Commissioners - Bednar, Caputo, Richards, Sentowski, Shertzer, Spoto, Terhune, Wright; Recreation Director – Flynn



Absent: Mancuso; Borough Council Liaison – Gormally; Board of Education Liaison – Mitchell; Swim Director – Conlin





Deb Bednar stressed that any document that makes a recommendation about Recreation should never go out to an outside body, including Borough Council until the entire Commission and the Recreation Director has a chance to review and vote on the document.  When in doubt, Commissioners should consult with Celia Flynn as she has the best understanding of the CommissionersÕ responsibilities and requirements.  Deb also urged all the Commissioners to use Celia as a resource on any Recreation projects or issues that they are working on.


 A motion to approve the October 16th, 2012 Minutes was made by Mark Caputo and seconded by Kim Terhune.   All were in favor.


DirectorÕs Report  - Celia Flynn and Audrey Gershey (BOE) would like to establish seasonal deadlines for facility requests and set dates when notification of approval is given.  She will work with James Smith to see if this is viable.


The Christmas tree lighting will be on December 2nd.  The choral group from the high school will perform.  Lydia Spoto will ask the bell ringers from The Community Church to perform as well.


Sign ups are underway for Basketball.  There are 20 first and second grade girls, 34 third to fourth grade girls and 15 fifth to sixth grade girls participating.  In addition there are 35 first and second grade boys, 60 third to fourth grade boys and 78 fifth to sixth grade boys signed up.


Recreation Sub-Committee Reports -


Programs and Events – Deb Bednar and Lydia Spoto are considering a January soup cook off and a knitting clinic or class for the community.  They are considering the library or the community church as venues.  For kids, they are considering a Lego day, possibly during the February break.  There would be some charge for participants to defray the cost of the Culture Cabin, who would run the program.  In addition, they would like to run a family movie night program at Island Beach when the weather improves.


Sports – It was agreed that a discussion on the Draft proposal would be deferred to the January 2013 meeting so that input from the new Borough Liaison can be obtained.  Nicole Wright suggested that this timing would give the Sports Sub-Committee as chance to meet with Celia Flynn to confer on the proposal prior to its formal presentation to the Commission.  Scott Richards also suggested that Chief Tovo come to an upcoming meeting to discuss issues with regard to legal constraints, Municipal Governance and the role of the Recreation Commission and Director.  Celia will try to arrange this for the December meeting.


Pete Sentowski reported that Swim Team pays separately into Hub Lakes.  Pete and/or Celia will confirm the amount and whether swim team participation is dependent on membership in the Hub Lakes Association.  This information, along with pending data from Deb Bednar will be used to discuss future participation in Hub Lakes at the December Commission meeting.                                                                  


Finance –       Nothing to report at this time.


Facilities –    The sub-committee is still trying to set up a meeting James Smith.  They will force the issue for a December meeting.  Mark Caputo suggested that Mountain Lakes should consider a winter practice bubble.


Meeting was adjourned at 9:00pm


Action Items


1.     Lydia Spoto will ask the bell ringers from The Community Church to perform at the Christmas Tree Lighting.


2.     A discussion on the Draft Sports Sub-Committee proposal will be deferred to the January 2013 meeting.


3.     Celia Flynn will try to arrange for Chief Tovo to come to the December      meeting to answers questions regarding municipal governance and budgeting as it pertains to the Recreation Commission.


4.     Pete Sentowski and/or Celia Flynn will confirm the Hub Lakes Swim Team fee and whether swim team participation in the league is dependent on membership in the Hub Lakes Association.

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, December 18th, 2012