Minutes for December 18, 2012

7:30 PM Borough Hall




Present:  Commissioners - Bednar, Caputo, Sentowski, Shertzer, Wright; Recreation Director – Flynn; Board of Education Liaison – Mitchell



Absent: Mancuso, Richards, Spoto, Terhune, Borough Council Liaison – Gormally; Swim Director – Conlin



Deb Bednar opened the meeting by reading a prepared statement on her perceptions on the issues that the Recreation Program is currently facing.


Bob Tovo responded to questions and comments from the Commissioners.  From his perspective, the most important issue the Commission could resolve would be to define what a recreation program should be and how recreation programs should be treated versus club programs by the borough.   The general consensus of the commission is that “selectivity” is the key criteria to determine how a program should be classified.  If there are no tryouts and anyone can play, a program is likely recreation and should receive recreation priority and support.


A motion to approve the November 20, 2012 Minutes with modifications was made by Mark Caputo and seconded by Deb Bednar.   All were in favor.


Scott Richards will not be returning to the Commission in 2013.


Director Report’s   The tree lighting was well attended.  A new platform was built for the choir, who were wonderful.  The weather for the Menorah lighting was not good and it was not as well attended. 


The basketball program has been extremely well subscribed and all age groups have enough players to have intra-program games except for the older girls.  Celia is working with the organizers to find local teams for these girls to play against.  There was some confusion about the residential requirements for the third and fourth grade boys and subsequently the program is very large at this age group with many children from Boonton participating.  This situation will be cleared up for the 2013 registrations.


There will be practice for the recreation youth program on the track every week and also the option for children to practice at 5pm after the girls’ lacrosse is finished on some days.  The clinic program (pre-k to second grade) does not have access to a practice facility and will not run this year.  




Recreation Committee Reports -


Programs and Events – The group is planning to run one activity a month that is not sports oriented starting in February.  Events will include Lego building, cooking contests, knitting instruction, flower arranging and accessory making.  Events will be self-funding as much as possible.



Facilities –    James Smith wants to develop at Mountain Lakes specific program instead of using School Dude for facility booking and management.  The commission is disappointed with the decision as this will likely to be a lengthily process and more difficult to trouble shoot and maintain over time.  Cathy Mitchell requested that members of the Sub-Committee and Celia present the current scheduling issues and School Dude program at an upcoming BOE meeting.


                        A proposal to construct a Pavilion at Birchwood Beach has been received from the Mountain Lakes Swim Association.  The proposed structure would house bathrooms, guard and first aid rooms, a meeting/class room; storage room, concession and a covered area in a single structure approximately double the size of the current buildings.  The estimated cost of the project is $175,000 and has been submitted to be considered as a capital project.    This proposal was received after the formal presentation was made by the Recreation Commission to Borough Council for 2013 and thus has not been included in the Commission’s recommended priorization of capital expenses.  The Facilities Sub-Committee will review the proposal and it will be discussed at the January Recreation Commission Meeting.




Meeting was adjourned at 8:55pm




Action Items


1.     The Facilities Sub-Committee and Celia Flynn will present the current Facility scheduling issues and School Dude program at an upcoming BOE meeting.

2.     The Facilities Sub-Committee will review the Birchwood Beach Pavilion proposal for discussion at the January Recreation Commission Meeting.




The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, January 15, 2013.