Minutes for January 22, 2013

7:30 PM Borough Hall


Present:  Commissioners - Caputo, Sentowski, Shertzer, Spoto, Terhune, Wright; Recreation Director – Flynn; Borough Council Liaison – Holmberg


Absent: Mancuso, Board of Education Liaison –Mitchell



A motion to approve the Minutes of December 18th, 2012 was made by Mark Caputo and seconded by Lydia Spoto.   All were in favor.


Recreation Commission vacancies:

Debbie Bednar has resigned from the Mountain Lakes Recreation Commission leaving one unserved year in her three-year term.  As such, there are currently two vacancies on the Recreation Commission – a full three-year term to replace Scott Richards and a one-year term to complete Debbie BednarŐs full term.  Lydia Spoto suggested Jim Petersen for the three-year term.  Nicole Wright and Celia Flynn put forward Kelly Thompson as a candidate for the one-year term.  All present endorsed both recommendations.  Peter Holmberg will bring forward both nominations to council on Monday, Feb 28.

Reorganization - nominations/volunteers/election of chairperson, vice-chairperson and secretary

Nominations were put forward for a slate of Nicole Wright as Commission Chair; Deb Shertzer as Vice Chair and Lydia Spoto as Secretary.  All present voted in favor.

Directors Report

Track time for the youth program continues to be an issue.  James Smith has now informed Celia that time will not be available at 5pm on any day.  Currently, Celia is working on an option to run the junior program from 6pm.

Celia shared computer-generated reports on current finances.  Recreation accounts have yet to be reconciled by the Borough.  In future budgets, income and expenses need to be delineated and set up separately in the borough accounting system.

Recreation capital improvement spending priorities were reaffirmed:

i.          Bathroom improvements at Birchwood and Island Beach

ii.               Tear down of the Halsey Field Playground for reasons of safety and liability

iii.             Practice track

iv.             $85,000 to resurface the Doublier Tennis Courts

v.              $45,000 to rehabilitate the Wilson Basketball Court

vi.             Replace the Halsey Field Playground


Peter Holmberg will confirm the status of capital recommendations.

Borough council's goals

Peter Holmberg reviewed the 2012/13 Borough Council goals as follows:

1.Emergency preparedness

2. Personnel

3. Finance

4. Communications

5. Operational Efficiencies


Several Recreation Commissioners commented that improved communication was viewed as a key priority for the Commission in 2013 and hoped that improved web based systems and access would be available very soon.


Revisit and review Rec commission organization document /2013 priorities

It was agreed that both of these issues would be delayed until the February meeting when the full Commission could address them.  Sub-Committee appointments will also be determined at this meeting as well.


Other Business

Lydia Spoto continues to work with Culture Cabin on a Lego program for the February break.  The program will be offered at the Mountain Lakes Library and will be offered for a fee.   Other Recreation programs planned for the year will be reviewed with the 2013 Program group before they are confirmed.


It was agreed that the February Commission Meeting, usually scheduled for February 19th should be moved as it falls in Winter break this year.  In addition, the meeting will start at 7pm to allow the Commission to accommodate a full discussion on the Organization Document and Issues Priorization. The meeting is now rescheduled for Tuesday, February 12th at 7pm. 


Meeting was adjourned at Feb 12th at 9:22pm




Action Items


1.    Peter Holmberg will bring forward commissioner nominations of Jim Petersen and Kelly Thompson to council on Monday, Feb 28.

2.    Celia Flynn will work with James Smith and the BOE to establish Recreation Track practice times.

3.    Celia Flynn will post new February Meeting time on Borough website