Minutes for March 19, 2013
7:30 PM Borough Hall

Present: Commissioners – Shertzer, Petersen, Thompson, Caputo, Wright, Terhune, Spoto, Mancuso, Sentowski;  Director – Flynn, Liaison to Board of Ed – Mitchell;  Liaison to Council - Holmberg

A motion to approve the minutes from the meeting of February 12, 2013 was made by Kim Terhune.  Seconded by Lydia Spoto.  Motion passed.

I. Charter
A motion to accept the latest draft of the charter for the Recreation Commission was made by Chairperson Wright, and seconded by Kim Terhune.  Motion passes

Celia will attach the charter to her monthly report that goes to council.  The town council will have to vet the document and adopt it. 

II. Electronic facilities request system update, Nicole Wright
The purchase price of $3800 will split between the Recreation Department and Board of Education.  In addition the software vendor charges an annual fee of $1800 for updates and maintenance.  Nicole proposes that this be partially funded by charging a $5 per use charge for non-school, non-rec users.  This proposal was made to the Board of Education. 

III. Communications update, Deb Shertzer
John Lester on council working on holistic approach to town communications.  This approach is very broad reaching, including requests to DPW, water bills, etc.  Deb concerned that our simple needs may get lost.  Needs are defined and on paper and submitted. 

IV. Sports Sub-Committee
Working to define clearly and consistently the responsibilities of each sport’s directing board, and what support and administrative functions they can expect from the Recreation Department.  They will also define what sports are designated Recreation programs and what is expected of these programs to hold this status.

V. Events Sub-Committee
The Chair requests that this group review current slate of program events and decide what is still relevant.  Also, set standards on how to staff these without over-burdening part-time Director.  

Each commission member volunteer for one event per year.

·         Easter: Lydia and Kelly

·         4th of July:  Pete, Rich, possibly Deb

·         Halloween: TBD

·         Christmas tree lighting: Deb, Kim, Jim, Mark Caputo

Recap of Lego event in February:  36 kids signed up, which demonstrates solid interest.  People were disappointed.  Older kids were bored. Not run well.  Need to research vendors prior.  Celia suggests Mad Science.  Events sub-commission will research what is already offered by other groups in town and determine where the needs are. 

VI. Rec Director Updates


Clinic has new places and time.  Closed item.

Summer camp:  to be held at Wildwood 7/1-8/9/13, 6 weeks.  Early session will be offered this year.  Each week there will be a special event/performer. 

Councilor applications open to kids age 14 by the start of camp (July 1 2013).  Celia will hire unpaid CITs who are 13 (going into 8th grade).  Group agrees that this is not too young as Celia will be able to use the interview process and input from Mr. Wallace and Mr. Cotilla to evaluate candidates.  This year Celia will hire an overseer for the camp.    

4th of July
Using same fireworks provider as last year, hoping to avoid the reverse detonation we experienced last year.

Setting Fees for Recreation Facilities
Chair Nicole Wright researched the town ordinances and determined that it is the Recreation Commission that is responsible for setting fees; no ordinance needs to be passed to enact a fee change or initiation.

Summer Resident Tags
The group agrees that a resident is “a person who permanently resides at an address located within the Borough of Mountain Lakes.  Residents may own or rent their home but must reside at the address.”  Residents may be asked to provide proof of address by showing a valid NJ driver’s license.  Otherwise, proof of residency will correspond to proof of residency requirements set forth by the state Motor Vehicles Commission. 

In consideration of grandchildren and other relatives who visit for weeks during the summer months, for whom purchasing daily guest passes to the beach becomes onerous, the Commission voted to implement a “Summer Resident tag” as follows:

“Residents may apply for a Summer Resident Tag for extended family members and guests who do not live permanently in Mountain Lakes but will reside in the community for an extended period during the season.  The hosting resident must hold a resident tag for the facility.  The hosting resident must certify that the guest will be residing at their home with the understanding that the entire family’s recreation facility privileges can be revoked if it is discovered that a false certification has been made.  Individual Summer Resident Tags must be purchased for each extended family member/guest at a cost of $40 per tag.  Summer Resident Tag holders do not have the privilege of purchasing daily guest badges. “

Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) Membership
PCA requires a renewal fee of $1900 from the Rec Department.  This fee is usually shared with Boonton Twp and other programs.  Pete Sentowski of the Sports sub-commission recommends that we hold off on this renewal until his sub-commission defines requirements for coaches within the Recreation Department.  

VII. Tabled
Group agreed to table discussion of park ranger until next month, pending development on swipe card mechanisms for tennis courts.

Commissioners-only meeting tabled in consideration of the late hour.

Meeting adjourned at 9:20 pm 3/19/13

Action Items:

·         Celia will deliver the adopted Recreation Commission charter to Town Council

·         Lydia to follow up with Mark Prusina regarding year-round racking of boats

·         Events sub-commission to set 2013 goals

·         Events sub-commission to research what is already offered by other groups in town and determine where the needs are

·         Sports sub-commission to define requirements for coaches and determine if the town will continue its membership in PCA