Minutes for June 18, 2013
7:30 PM Borough Hall

Present: Chairperson – Wright, Commissioners – Caputo, Petersen, Terhune, Thompson, Sentowski, Shertzer, Spoto; Director – Lane, Liaison to Board of Ed – Mitchell; Liaison to Council - Holmberg

A quorum was not achieved for the May meeting.  The following items were approved by Commissioners Wright, Spoto, Shertzer, Caputo and Terhune following a public discussion at the May meeting:

·         The group approved increasing the non-resident beach tag cost from $40 to $50 as suggested by Borough Manager Tovo. 

·         The group approved the Rec Commission survey concerning program events put forth by Lydia Spoto

A motion to approve the minutes from the meeting April 2013 was made by Lydia Spoto.  Seconded by Shertzer.  Motion passed.

Chairperson Wright notified the commission that Rich Mancuso has withdrawn as a commissioner.  He leaves a 1.5 year term to be filled.  Suggestions for candidates were encouraged.

Mission Statement Update
Borough manager Bob Tovo requested that the mission statement be structured more like that of the Lakes Management Advisory Board.   It should be more readable for the public.  The new version, as reworked by Nicole Wright, was put to the group for approval.  Caputo moved to approve it.  Terhune seconded.  Motion passed.

Rec Director Audrey Lane
I. Summer Camp

The lead teachers for camp have planned curriculum.  Contracts are set for the lead teachers.  Paperwork for other counselors and CITs is nearly complete.

Current registration is at 150.  The first week, which is also Laker Family Lacrosse camp, will be well attended.  T-shirts for campers have been ordered. 

II. Tennis

Instructors have been contracted.  Keypad issue for tennis courts is still in progress.  The single point of entry may be a fire hazard.  The solution may involve a one-way door in another part of the fence.  Rec Director would like to reevaluate this program for next year.

III. July 4th

ML Club will host family races open to all town residents from 10-12.  Town will supply an additional 2 lifeguards.  Peter Holmberg and Brendan Smith will act as M.C.s.  Flyers with details going out to all residents next week, VB flyer requesting fireworks donations went out already.

IV. On-site Beach Review

To take place this coming week.  Mark Prusina has been asked to trim plantings near the stone wall at Birchwood.  The current growth blocks audience view for swim meets.

V. Beach tags

Some residents are complaining about requirement to show ID for all adult (over 21) members of household.

HUB Lakes update – Lydia Spoto

Women’s tennis team is looking for players.  Need to get details on how many and level of ability required.
Women’s Softball is underway with a full roster
Track meet being run by Donna Seijas.  Need a succession plan for that role.

Event Survey Update – Lydia Spoto

Response has been good; over 90 so far.  Lydia will email contacts to encourage more to take it.  Lydia will upgrade Survey Monkey membership so that we are able to collect responses past 100.  Cost is $25.  This will be reimbursed by the Rec Department.  Review results in the next meeting.

Recreation Sports Board Guidelines – Deb Shertzer

The two documents outlining these guidelines were combined into one defining the standards and requirements for sports boards.  Need to define the background checks that are required for coaches, the cost for fingerprinting should also be reimbursed and add verbiage to encourage teams to seek independent status from the Borough.

Group agrees we should look at the fees we are paying for use of RFL.  

PCA membership review still underway.

Girls Lacrosse update – Pete Sentowski

New board members have been elected for Girls’ lacrosse. They are reviewing and updating the registration and accounting process with the goal of increasing efficiency.  They would also like to initiate a mentoring program with the high school players.

RSchools update – Nicole Wright

The contract has been mailed; Training starts in the next few weeks. RSchools can link us with other towns in our conference; Deb Shertzer would like to pilot Rschools registration module with the Rec Basketball program.


Other issues

·         July meeting moved to July 9th due to vacations.

·         Facility audit has been put on hold until mid-August as Mark Prusina is tied up with the canal dredging project currently underway.  A facility/capital planning committee will be formed by the town council next week.

·         Peter Holmberg confirms that the council is aware that the MLHS fields need some remediation.  This item is also on the Board of Ed agenda.

·         Playground at Midvale Park was recertified by the state so it does not need to be torn down, as previously believed.

·         The commission plans to do a needs assessment.  Items to consider, among others, are lights at the turf, turfing fields behind the YMCA.

·         Peter Holmberg requests the commission’s opinion on the leash laws and their enforcement at Birchwood.  The group states that the main problem is people bringing their dogs on the beach.  This is not allowed at any time but the rules are often broken.  The result is feces on the beach, a distinct health hazard.  He will relay our concerns to Town Council. Also, it was suggested that pet owners should be required to leash them in the parking lot, due to pedestrian, bike, and car traffic and to stop loose animals from entering the beach area.


Meeting adjourned at 9:15pm.