Minutes for November 19, 2013
7:30 PM Borough Hall

Present: Chairperson – Wright, Commissioners – Herrera, Petersen, Sentowski, Shertzer, Spoto, Thompson;  Rec Director – Lane; Liaison to Board of Ed – Mitchell

Absent: Commissioner Terhune, Liaison – Holmberg

Special Presentation, Gail Miller, VP of Programming for Mountain Lakes Home & School Association

The Home & School Association (H&SA) would like to bring to the town a presentation about good sportsmanship in youth sports.  The program is given by Frank Smoll from the University of Washington.   The program addresses many issues common to youth sports such as poor sportsmanship, dealing with over-zealous parents, proper versus problematic coaching styles, and the impact on kids.  H&SA has support for this program from MLHS Principal Jeremy Davies, Superintendent Dr. Anne Mucci, and Athletic Director James Smith. All three parties see a need to change the current culture.  H&SA is seeking to make this a large and inclusive town-wide event.  The presentation has 2 parts: one for coaches, and one for parents; each part lasts about 2 hours.  They are hoping to build it into an ML celebration day.  H&S will pay $1000 speaker fee.  H&SA is looking for help to cover the travel expenses ($ 400 flight + $120 car+ $280 hotel + $100/day meals).  Nicole points out that Boonton Twp. Board of Ed should be included, as they are part of our sporting community.  The program would be open to Boonton and BT as well.   Target date is February 8th but it won’t be booked until the money is found.  Rec Commission members are all in favor of the spirit of the program.  Rec Department does not have funds to contribute to this; Rec would have to go to the various sports programs to solicit donations.   


Motion to approve October minutes: moved and passed unopposed.

Sports Board Standards document

Updated version of the document approved and passed unopposed.  Thank you for all your work, Deb Shertzer.

Director’s Report

I.     Haswell field parking plan 
The driver for this is that the field is being used more lately, by football, boys and girls lacrosse, and rec’s  “little sports” program.   Need to define a flow of traffic, need a drop off space.  Commission agrees that current plan, drafted by DPW, has too many spots.  The Commission recommends reducing the number of spots, making them diagonal rather than perpendicular to the field edge, and leaving a “no parking” area close to the field as a drop off area.   

II.  Event planner
Director suggests hiring an event coordinator to manage and execute the rec department’s non-sport events: Trout Derby, Easter parade and events, Fourth of July races and fireworks, Menorah and Xmas tree lighting.  Commission would like to wait and see how the need for this may change as processes, scheduling, and communication in the management of the recreation department improves. 

III.  Concussion Baseline testing
First session of concussion baseline testing  is offered next Monday, November 25,  7pm at MLHS.  It is open to all recreation athletes, from age 10 through 8th grade.  Heads of programs have been notified, and can participate if so desired.

IV. Holiday Events
Menorah lighting is 12-1 @5 pm, run by the same rabbi as usual.  Tree lighting is on 12-8, also at 5pm.  Christmas craft is not in the budget.  Group agrees that we can do without it.   Christmas Spectacular trip – registration is underway for bus trip to Manhattan on Sunday, December 15th.  15 families have registered.  Need 40 to make it work.

V. Softball
The High School program is currently at risk of being defunded.  Director Lane would like to help by stirring up interest.  Petersen says that Tri-Town Softball numbers are also down.  They are merging with Denville, rather than Parsippany as has been done in past, due to Parsippany now charging out of town facility use fees of $100/head.   Director Lane will work with Petersen to improve communication of programs to the population. 

VI. Review of Recreation Overview for Council presentation
Reviewed presentation of goals and accomplishments for 2013, goals and initiatives for 2014.  The goal of improving communication was discussed.  Group agreed we need a “community backpack” to reach families of alumni; it would make sense to leverage current process of virtual backpack that exists in the schools. 

Group discussed the goal of increasing access to turf fields for all levels of sports.  Currently, any moderate rain closes RFL and Halsey field.  Group agrees that there is a need for additional turf field to facilitate more play space for school teams, rec teams, ML kids who want to play.  We will work with community, community groups (Laker Sports Club) and the Board of Education to increase availability of turf fields to all programs (see page 10 of presentation, #6).

Adoption of/agreement with Director Lane’s presentation of goals and accomplishments passed unopposed.  Presentation will be made to Town Council on November 25th.

VII. Other

·         Rec Basketball registration is over.  260 kids registered. 

·         Background check system is enabled.

·         Track board still filling out.  4 confirmed members.


Chairperson Wright moves we eliminate December meeting – motion passes unopposed.