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Minutes of Meeting

Mountain Lakes Shade Tree Commission  

October 11, 2007

In Attendance:

 Commissioners:  H. Carr, T. Caine, J. Best, B. Rosenthall, S. Marshall, L. Spencer-Green, Laura Conner.

Alternate J. Eveleth<= o:p>

Council Liaison S. Sh= aw

Guest: Marnie Vyff


= 1.    There were no comments from the public.


= 2.    The September minutes were accepted as corrected= .


= 3.    Heather announced that Laura Conner has been app= ointed by Council to fulfill the unexpired term ending December 31, 2008 of Ann Ba= rton.  Ann has submitted her resignation= .


= 4.    Joan reported that she has given the list of ÒAd= vice OnlyÓ portion of the Prune and Remove list to Gary.  Sue needs to enter her data into the database.


= 5.    Laura reported on the progress in determining locations for this yearÕs planting program.  There are 23 sites plus 6 at 72 Briarcliff on Dartmouth = to be used as needed.  Heather w= ill contact Tony Cerbo about marking out the locations and his checking the locations to make sure our tree choices are appropriate.<= /p>


= 6.    Sue reported that she is not finished with the analysis of the street tree plan document to determine appropriate revision= s.


= 7.    Linda will continue to organize the FAQ project,= and she distributed questions for each commissioner to answer. Sue will review LindaÕs answers at LindaÕs request.  Steve stated he is reviewing the boroughÕs FAQs and he will ask the webmaster to provide a link from the borough FAQs to the STC FAQs when we finish our project.


= 8.    Heather led a discussion about the increasing nu= isance of poison ivy.  Because it is= an issue for pedestrian traffic, we suggest that the Traffic


Safety and Calming Committee look into the problem. Steve will voice the concern to Council.


= 9.    Heather reported that it is time to make next ye= arÕs budget. 


= 10.  = Tom reported that he has sent both the June and September Home and School artic= les to the website liaison, but the articles have not yet been posted on our page.  He will contact webmas= ter Andy Bulfer in another week if they are still not posted.=


= 11. Heather reported that Jerry Uhrig sent an e-mail saying that the placement of rebar near the trunk of the tree at the new fi= elds seems to be working to keep the deer away, and has added more.  Bonnie stated that this could be = a hazard situation to children who like to sled down that hill after a snowfall.  Heather will pass along our conce= rn to Jerry.


= 12. Bonnie reported that according to Patty McElduf= f at the High School, the freshman class has been doing a fundraiser for planting trees in other parts of the world.  As an honorary gesture they would like to plant several trees at the high school, with input from the STC.&nbs= p; Bonnie will get more information about this proposed project.  



The next meeting will be Thursday, November 15th at 8:30am.



Mountain Lakes Shade Tree Commission  

Minutes of Meeting

October 11, 2007

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