Mountain Lakes Shade Tree Commission

Minutes of Meeting

November 13, 2008




In Attendance:

Commissioners: H. Carr, S. Marshall. T. Caine, B. Rosenthall and M. Vyff

Alternate: J. Eveleth

Council Liaison: D. McWilliams

Secretary: S. Landau

1.There were no comments from the public.


2. The October minutes were accepted as written.


3. Heather circulated the complete 2008 Prune and Remove Report. It will be put out for bid. The 2009 STC budget is due and Heather will speak with Joe about it today.


4. The fall planting of 35 new trees is in progress. 3 trees planted last year failed and Tony will replace them. STC purchased deer protection and Tony will place it around trees at the high school fields.


5. STC commissioners will fertilize again this year with the fertilizer donated by Tony. Bonnie and Heather organized the time and meeting place.


6. Heather distributed a flyer with information about the speakers at the Environmental Summit. Questions for the speakers have been collected and circulated by email. They cover the issues well with minimal redundancy. Heather will introduce the STC, explain its mission and role in the community at the summit.


7. Laura, Bonnie and Marnie went to the NJ Shade Tree Federation Meeting and they reported that it was a very good meeting. Climate change was a major topic. It is apparent that future selection of tree species needs to account for warming temperatures. Sugar Maples may no longer thrive in this zone.


8. Commissioners will think about goals for 2009 and bring a list to the December meeting. Education will be a primary goal along with ideas to enhance public awareness of STC.


9. Old Business:

Minutes need to be posted on the website.

Tom will post the Charter, Town Memorial Policy and the Gypsy Moth H&SA Bulletin Article on the web site.

Joe has spoken with the family that continues to decorate their memorial tree. If there are future decorations they will be removed by DPW.


The next meeting will be held on Thursday December 18th at 8:30am.