Mountain Lakes Shade Tree Commission

Minutes of Meeting

March 12, 2009



Commissioners in attendance: S. Marshall, T. Caine, B. Rosenthall, M. Vyff, J. Eveleth and H. Carr


1.     There where no comments from the public.


2.     Both January and February minutes were approved with corrections. The posting of minutes was discussed. November minutes have not been posted and have been misplaced. Tom and Marnie will search out and post so that we can get the minutes up to date on the website.


3.     Bonnie will meet with John Linson and Joe Tempesta on Friday. They are preparing a packet of information that will satisfy conditions of the CSIP grant. This information needs to be compiled and sent in by March 31st. Tom and Sue will be investigating possible future grant money for; the planting of trees, educating the public on tree issues and tree pruning and removals. Some suggested sources were Cool Cities, Doris Duke and The Dodge Foundation.


4.     Bonnie will continue to send 3 FAQs from our list to be published in the H&SA Bulletin for next month.


5.     Arbor Day ad has been submitted to the H&SA Bulletin to honor Susan Landau. Marnie has been in contact with Mr Odenwelder and the Garden Song will be sung by 1st graders. There is a full schedule of activities planned to celebrate Arbor Day. Sue and Bonnie will tell Susan Landau that she is the chosen honoree. Seedlings have become much more expensive and our regular sources have only evergreens available. After much discussion it was decided that either a limited number of seedlings will be distributed this year or none at all. Two trees will still be planted for Arbor Day, locations to be determined at a later date.


6.     Bonnie will have a table with information on shade trees at the MLHS Service Fair on March 13th. Marnie will help.


7.     Prune and remove work still in flux. Bids were over budget. Joe will send out again, this time submitting pruning and removals as separate jobs.


8.     STC is still planning on having a table at Mountain Lakes Day. A power point presentation on landscaping with trees and the introduction of our fundraiser “100 Trees for 100 Years” to plant trees in the Borough, would be highlights. There is much to do in regard to the fundraiser; a separate bank account might need to be established, a webpage created with flier and forms and a source of trees needs to be determined. We will seek approval from council on our fundraiser.


9.     A report on the Invasives Subcommittee’s work was presented. A woodland invasives inventory could be compiled to help the Woodlands Committee focus on areas most in need. Core woodlands would be mapped and areas high in invasive material would be targeted for removal. STC needs to come up with a consensus on how invasive trees will be treated in areas under our jurisdiction.


Next meeting will be held on April 16th