Borough of Mountain Lakes

Shade Tree Commission

Minutes for September 10, 2009


Present: H. Carr, J. Best, M. Vyff, S. Marshall, L. Conner and J. Eveleth

Council Representative: D. McWilliams


1. No comments from the public.


2. Update on Bonnie Rosenthall, STC Chair: Bonnie is feeling better but will not act as Chair until November’s meeting. Sue and Joan will together act as interim STC Chair.


3. Minutes from June and Julys meeting were accepted as written.


4. H & S Bulletin: FAQs submitted for the next two bulletins by Bonnie R.


5. Upcoming Bulletins: The CSIP planting plan was a suggested topic for an upcoming bulletin entry. Heather will write this and possibly submit it for December’s bulletin, as October and November will be FAQs. Invasive and bamboo articles will be written for spring submission. Another suggestion was to include a reminder in the December Bulletin to not decorate honorary trees during the holidays.


6. CSIP Grant Update: 50 spaces were difficult to identify due to the restrictions set forth by the grant. Most planting locations will be along the Boulevard, Island Beach, Wildwood School and Mountain Lakes High School. Three estimates were obtained and Tony Cerbo’s was the lowest. Because the Cerbo bid was so low, we will approach the State to ask if a greater portion of planting money can be applied to P and R.


7. Sub-Division Site Plan: Sherwood-Intervale Project Schedules and building plans were not supplied so it is unclear what the intended use will be. STC agreed that the setback ordinances should be honored. Recommendation: Send back to STC once building plan is complete and work is about to begin.


8. Prune and Remove Update: Most areas are close to completion. Joan is available in the morning to help with the entries. On Class 3 prunes, the observation line should include the exact location of the tree not the location of the branches.


9. Esplanade Update: Trees have been removed. Planting plan was submitted and accepted as the Centennial Legacy Project. Council seems to favor the plan and will vote at their next meeting. Tony Cerbos connection to the town dates back to the puddingstone walls his grandfather built many years ago. Cerbos will split the cost of the project with Mountain Lakes and install the plants in early October. The Boro will mulch once Cerbo is finished. Doug McWilliams mentioned that there is approximately $30,000 available for the beautification of Mountain Lakes some of which could be applied to the Esplanade.


10. Set Back Management Plan and Removal Permit Introduction Update: Marnie will continue to rewrite and the STC will review this document in October.


11. Annual Shade Tree Federation Meeting:

Sue and Joan will attend for the Boro this year.


12. New Business: Heather will submit a list to Tony Cerbo of trees that did not make it including the dead tree at the soccer field.


Next meeting scheduled at 8:30 on October 8, 2009.