Mountain Lakes Shade Tree Commission

Minutes November 12, 2009


Attending: H. Carr, S. Marshall, M. Vyff, J. Best, L. Conner, J. Eveleth (alt.)

Borough Council: D. McWilliams


1.    No comments from public.


2.    October minutes tabled until December meeting.


3.    Review Setback Management Plan:

Joan will remove strike-outs from corrected plan and resend via email during the coming month. Suggested corrections include dating each page. Revisions to Setback Management Plan need to be dated as they are written.


4.    2010 Goals and Objectives:

Sue will work on revising current goals and STC membership list.


5.    Prune and Remove-Finalize

All updates must be entered by Thanksgiving.


6.    2009 Planting Update:

a. 50 trees have been planted and will continue to be checked by the state on Nov. 24thand purchase orders will be presented on that date. All remaining money will be applied to the 2010 prune and remove agenda. Borough will match 25% of grant money ($10,000) with watering, mulching, stake removal, etc. over a two year period.

b. 100 Year, 100 Trees Plan:

Sue suggested that we develop a certificate to accompany centennial trees. Tony Cerbo has offered to plant honorary trees; STC will act as ‘middleman’.

c. Tony will replant dead trees as soon as possible. A thank you note should be sent to thank him for his involvement in Borough projects.

d. Esplanade was planted by the two Cerbo brothers. Tony’s sisters and mother came to witness the planting.


7. Community Forestry Grants

a. Green Communities Grant - $3,000 grant application for updating the Community Forestry Plan deadline is Dec. 3.  Barry, the new Borough Manager, will apply.  The money is to be used in a two-year time frame.  Our forestry plan expires at the end of 2010, and this grant money will pay for John Linson to write our 3rd.  John has suggested to the NJ Forestry that after 2 successful 5 year plan approvals, they should consider going to a ten-year time frame.

c. Business Stimulus Fund- $7,000 could be obtained to spend on invasive tree (small Norway Maple or Ailanthus trees under power lines were suggested) removal. John will complete application but needs photos of areas with designated trees. A tree company will be retained (without the bidding process) to remove designated trees. Sue will photograph area and Heather will act as liaison and review paperwork.


8. Tree City USA recertification

Due Dec. 30, 2009. Heather will resubmit application.


9. Forestry Plan Annual Accomplishment Report:

State sent paperwork to be completed.

Due Feb., 15, 2010


10. Hillcrest Subdivision

Planting plant should be acquired. STC should take a position on the tree removal on the property by referring to our mission statement.


11. Other

a. New email for STC is

b. Minutes from the last six months need to be posted on the net. Laura will send corrected minutes to Marnie.



The next meeting will be held on December 10, 2009.