Mountain Lakes Shade Tree Commission

Minutes of Meeting

April 8, 2010


Commissioners in attendance: S. Marshall, J. Best, M. Vyff, T. Caine, C. Murtagh, J. Eveleth and H. Carr

Council Liaison E. Emr


1.     There where no comments from the public.


2.     March minutes were approved with one correction.


3.     Arbor Day is in good shape.  All commissioners plan to attend and town officials are onboard.  Jay has located a spot to plant the honorary tree and Marnie will order it from Morris County.  DPW needs to be notified to pick up the tree and plant it.  We will meet at 1:30 at Wildwood School on April 30th.  The festivities will be held outside unless inclement weather moves us to the gym.  Last minute details are being taken care of.  Joan will be in charge of the proclamation and Heather will complete the certificate.


4.     Prune and Remove work was delayed due to stormy weather but is proceeding again.  Commissioners should look over their areas to make sure work is getting done properly.  Check for pruning and stumps indicating removals.


5.     Joan has compiled a list of recent Street Tree Removal Plans submitted to the Borough.  Commissioners can use this list to inspect their areas and determine whether plans are being executed properly.  This list is for street trees only.  Setback Plans are overseen by the Borough Manager.  Joan will update the list accordingly and email it or bring it to our meetings.


6.     Joan, Sue and Heather met to determine the frequency with which the Forester will need to inspect the small parks and well-traveled paths in the Borough.   A ranking system of 1-4 was used to rate each area: 1-yearly, 2 bi-yearly, 3-every five years and 4-upon request.  Joan will be touring the Borough with Barry Lewis to familiarize him with the numerous wooded tracts of land in town and our recommendations for needed inspection.  This information will be added to our new Community Forestry Management Plan.


7.     A letter was received from a Boonton Township resident, Gary Musciano.  He was concerned about the removal of two oaks at the corner of Elcock and The Boulevard where the town pillar is.  The trees were in decline and grew too close to an intersection so removal requested by HPC, as part of the Centennial celebration rejuvenation effort, was granted.  Stumps an eye sore, loss of tree cover and debris not being cleaned up were the main complaints.  Barry will address this issue with the resident.  The area will probably be replanted with bushes and flowers.


8.     Sue, Joan and Heather will read through the old Community Forestry Management Plan with suggestions for John Linson.  What new information needs to be included in the plan and what sections of the old plan need to be changed or deleted, will be determined and discussed.  The STC will focus on the planting of new trees on private property in this new 5 year plan.  Starting with our “100 Trees for 100 Years” campaign.


9.     Shade Tree has been awarded a Business Stimulus Grant for the removal of invasive plant material in public wooded areas.  We will need to determine which areas are of greatest need in the near future.




Next meeting will be held on May 13th