Mountain Lakes Shade Tree Commission

Minutes of Meeting  

December 9, 2010


Commissioners in attendance: S. Marshall, J. Best, L. Conner, T. Caine, C. Murtagh, J. Eveleth and H. Carr


1.     There were no comments from the public.


2.     November minutes are approved with corrections.


3.     Laura spoke about new developments on the Cove project.  The landscape architect and committee members met this past week at the site.  Some details discussed pertained to how existing plants will be removed, where access points to the water will be located and what native plants will be approved for replanting.  It was decided that the existing birches and benches will remain, and that parking will be parallel and unpaved.


4.     Joan states that the completed Prune and Remove package is expected to go out this week and should be bid on by Mid-January.


5.     Heather reported that she had heard from Joe Cerbo.  He stated that the three trees, the Boulevard replacement tree from the 2009 planting, and the honorary  and memorial trees to be planted at Birchwood Lake, will be planted on Friday of this week.


6.     The contractor “Tree King” has given us a price of $5,500 for removals to be paid for by the Business Stimulus Grant.  The Train Station, The Esplanade, a borough lot on Lake Drive, behind the dumpster at Birchwood Lake and a few other places are the locations identified for the removal of invasive plant material.    


7.     100 Trees for 100 Years will be discussed further in January.


8.     There will be a contest to find the largest tree in Mountain Lakes as part of the Centennial celebration in the Borough.  In the quest to find the largest tree, each designated neighborhood will submit the location of one tree and its size by measuring the circumference at 4½ ft from the ground.  It must be stressed that this is not an “oldest tree contest.”  Laura will be in charge of verifying the sizes of trees by April 1st, in order to determine the winning tree.                                  


9.     Heather will gather and submit the documents needed for the Tree City USA recertification.  This needs to be received by the end of January.


10.  Joan has been in touch with John Linson; he is working on our next 5 year Community Forestry Management Plan.



Next meeting will be held on January 13th