Mountain Lakes Shade Tree Commission

Minutes of Meeting  

                                              April 14, 2011


Commissioners in attendance: S. Marshall, J. Best, M. Vyff, C. Murtagh, T. Caine, L. Conner, J. Eveleth and H. Carr

Council Liaison: G. Jackson


1.     There were no comments from the public.


2.     March minutes were approved.


3.     Laura regrettably has to resign from the Shade Tree Commission after the June  meeting.  We are on the look out for a new member.  Alison, a former commission member, is available to help with our P&R walking this summer if needed.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      


4.     Arbor Day will be celebrated on April 29th at Wildwood School, at 1:45.  Marnie has the agenda, speeches and activities finalized.  The proclamation was officially approved on Monday, by Council.  Marnie will personally put the letters up on the Borough Hall event board.  Give-away trees have been ordered.  Other speeches still need to be written but Arbor Day is in good shape.  A list of the eleven largest trees in town, have been submitted by the Centennial Committee.  Sue, Joan, Heather and Laura will verify the measurements and determine the largest tree winner.  The results are to be announced at the Arbor Day celebration.                                          


5.     Marnie has reformatted the “100 Trees for 100 Years” flier and will send it out to the Centennial Committee to be advertised.  A good variety of trees are available including 2 native flowering trees, 1 evergreen and 6 shade trees.  The ordering of trees begins after ‘100 Trees” is announced at Arbor Day.


6.     Business stimulus grant update: Joan has spoken to Tree King and they have agreed to grind the stumps where possible.     


7.     Andy Matt for Benkendorf has completed the tree removal work for the Borough.  It was a job well done.  Tree pruning is still in progress.


8.     The Cove project plan has been finalized.  The bidding process resulted in awarding the contract to Tony Cerbo.  He will do the landscaping and remove the barberry.  The hardscape work will be shared between Cerbo’s, DPW and other contractors.  The work commences ASAP.


9.     A request to plant a tree in memory of Rebecca Caine has been made by Bonnie Rosenthall.  Another tree will be purchased by Tom.  Birchwood Beach is a possible location and the Red Bud, a possible species. 


10.  Trees in the ROW at 2 Woodland are being pruned without our consent.  Barry will send a letter informing the homeowner that trees in the ROW are owned by the Borough and therefore under our authority with regard to care.


11.  Tom has offered to call Beaver Brook Sawmill to determine the feasibility of their taking the wood from our yearly tree pruning and removals.  It would be ecologically sound not to waste the wood and we might possibly make a profit. 


12.  Joan explained that she now has the set back plan forms and other informational pages with her at DPW.  When making a site visit, these papers can be picked up there.



               Next meeting will be held on May 12th