Mountain Lakes Shade Tree Commission

Minutes of Meeting

Meeting held October 14, 2011


Commissioners in attendance: S. Marshall, J. Best, T. Caine, C. Murtagh and Council Liason, George Jackson.



1.   There were no comments from the public.


2.   September minutes were reviewed and approved pending minor changes.


3.   Borough Manager. George Jackson reports that the M.L. Borough Manager resigned and the council is seeking a replacement at this juncture. The Acting Borough Manager will have authority to approve any tree protection and/or tree removals as needed by the STC.


4.   Expiring terms & Reappointments. Currently, the STC is down one member due to the departure of Laura Conner, leaving the current numbers at six commissioners. Joan Best and Sue MarshallŐs tenures are up in 2012, leaving 4 total members. Going forward, the STC will be brainstorming strategies for adding additional new members.


5.   P&R status. Joan reports that the P&R lists have been reviewed since Hurricane Irene to ensure the information is up to date. Joan will email Marnie a list of her area P&R to confirm its final completion pending storm damage. George inquired whether trees impacted by the storm were STC trees. Joan Best reported the vast majority of trees downed in the storm where home owner and not ST three trees managed by the STC were downed in storm. Joan is expecting the tree pruning bids to go out in the next few weeks.


6.   100 Trees for 100 Years. Sue Marshall reports that sales of the Centennial trees are going slowly and we have not reached the goal of 100 tree sales. The numbers are hovering in the sixties, however, there is still time for families to take advantage and with the ongoing reminders, it is hoped more trees will be sold.


7.   Memorial Trees.  Sue Marshall reports that three memorial trees will be planted in the back of the library addressing the loss of trees from


8.   Hurricane Irene. Tom and Sue reviewed and approved the areas at the school for additional plantings of this yearŐs memorial trees.


9.   Stake removal on 50 trees (state grant). Stake support removals are necessary on the trees planted under the recent State Grant. Joan Best has divided up the areas to be removed into three areas. She recommended members of the Commission go out in pairs to make the job easier. Assigned pairs are Marnie and Consuelo, Joan and Sue, Tom and Heather. The wood from the stakes should be brought to the DPW for disposal.


10.        Community Forestry Management Plan 2011-2015. John Linson is writing the plan and will need assistance with some data. Once completed, Marnie, Joan, Tom and Consuelo will review the Plan to ensure that it reflects the STC needs will review the Plan. Following this review, the Plan will be presented to the town Council. John Linson is writing the plan and will need assistance with some data.


11.        STC Federation Meeting in Cherry Hill, NJ. Tom Caine will be attending this yearŐs meeting representing the STC and ensuring the ongoing credits needed to comply with State standards. In addition, a borough employee from M.L. will be attending and this employee will also be receiving CEUŐs for additional credits.


12.        Other new business. The Susan Komen Foundation put up pink ribbons on the town trees for breast cancer awareness for this month only. It is expected that the organization will also take them down at the end of the month.


13.        Next meeting scheduled for November 10th.