September 13, 2012



Commissioners: C. Murtagh, S. Marshall, J. Best, T. Caine, M. Vyff, J. Horst, H. Carr

Council Liaison: B. Bravo


1.     There were no comments from the public.


2.     June minutes were approved with 1 minor date correction.


3.     The Commissioners are well on their way to completing their survey’s; some computer input has been done.


4.     Rather than making a presentation to the Board of Adjustment and Planning Boards to discuss the importance of tree protection, Joan worked with Cindy Shaw (secretary) and came up with a letter to the property owner.  The letter will be included in the packet given to the property owners along with management plan and removal forms.  It was suggested that the letter be revised for the construction department for work done on properties that does not need approval of the Planning or Zoning Board.  It was noted that often the property owners are not involved in the process as the Builder does the paperwork for the permits.  Joan will revise the letter and make a property owner packet for the Construction Department to distribute. 


5.     Janet completed a course in Riverdale for 5 CEU’s that included hazard tree identification, Emerald Ash Borer destruction, and construction damage.  The Emerald Ash borer causes failure of Ash trees, and will be in our area in about two years.  Janet will write an article for publication.


6.     Dan Denison will attend the annual Shade Tree Federation meeting to fulfill the “employee” requirement for CEU’s.  No Commissioners will attend this year as Janet secured the necessary CEU’s for volunteers.


7.     Several honorary/memorial trees need to be planted.  Sue will coordinate a meeting to introduce Consuelo to Tony Cerbo.  We should try to get the trees planted by October/early November.  Planting locations will need to be finalized.


8.     Marnie will take over certificate work for honorary/memorial tree plantings.  She will also take over recording the recipients for posting on the web site.  Blair will follow up on the enforcement deficiency; Bob Tovo was to appoint a Police Officer.  Marnie reported from the EC regarding continuation of JCP&L tree trimming.  She will contact Bob Tovo.



               Next meeting will be held on October 11, 2012


Respectfully submitted,

Joan Best