December 13, 2012

Commissioners present: C. Murtagh, M. Vyff, J. Horst, S. Marshall
Council Liaison: B. Bravo

1) There were no comments from the public.

2) Shade Tree Commission got the Park Place redesign plans minutes before the meeting. We were asked for our input. Consuelo will write up the comments.

Comments and recommendations for Park Place redesign in Mountain Lakes:
• Really nice job
• Overall a very nice list of plants
• Avoid planting Invasive species
• Ash borer will affect the green ash
• Rugosa rose is invasive in NJ replace with knockout rose
• Creeping liriope- good ground cover.
• Increase ratio of shade trees to ornamentals
• General statement of global warming

3) The Mission Statement for 2013 was discussed. Consuelo will write it up with changes for the Borough Council.

4) Joan has resigned entirely from the Shade Tree Commission. We discussed possible new volunteers. Janet offered to call people who came in last month to see if they can volunteer. Marnie knows a couple of ladies too. We need to recruit at least one but not more than two new members.

5) Prune and remove lists are all rechecked after hurricane Sandy.

6) Marnie wrote the article about how residents should consider their trees, made suggested changes and sent it in to Mountain Lakes Living magazine to be published in January issue.

7) Consuelo sent in letter to Mark DiIonno of the Star Ledger who wrote an article with false information about our responsibilities. nothing was heard back. She will send it in to the newspaper as a "correction".

8) The honorary tree was planted in the Christmas/Hanukkah park.

9) Blair explained that the Borough Council will honor former Shade Tree members Sue and Joan with a bowl. We may also honor them on Arbor Day.

10) We need to follow up with Tovo the Borough Manager on getting back to us about issues we send to him. Blair will mention it to him.

11) Reviewed budget. Consuelo will look into if an Escrow fund exists. We should include funds for educating residents too. Shade Tree members need to have funds for CEU credits. Planting budget is $2500.

12) We will approach tree issues in town with public awareness and education instead of fines and discipline.


Next meeting will be held on January 10, 2013

Respectfully submitted,
Marnie Vyff