Mountain Lakes Shade Tree Commission
Minutes of Meeting
March 14, 2013

Commissioners in attendance: C. Murtagh, M. Vyff, H. Carr, J. Eveleth, J. Horst
Borough Council Liaison: D. McWilliams

1) Joni Cabassa sat in for part of the meeting to see if she is interested in joining. She loves gardening and was invited to the meeting by Janet Horst.

2) February minutes approved. January minutes approved with corrections.

3) There is a lot of tree removal and clearing out of downed wood being done around town- from our list, from Sandy, John Linson's list, and JCP&L is in town clearing lines. It's a very expensive year. Despite FEMA funding and Hurricaine Sandy, pruning alone is over $50,000.

We discussed looking into getting different money for prune and remove, and then we can use more of our budget for planting. Consuelo will look into that over the next few months.

4) We discussed ways to get more trees planted.

5) Arbor Day- Marnie updated everyone on how the planning is going. Michelle Reilly will take care of the proclamation. Both Superintendent Ann Mucci and Mayor Dan Happer have agreed to be part of Arbor Day. Janet has written a great poem that will be read by the Superintendent as the Junior Nature Club acts it out. Marnie will order the 100 trees to hand out to the first grade.

Consuelo will talk to Sue about where her tree will go and language for her dedication. She will also ask Joan about all Sue has done for Sue's introduction. Consuelo will check with the Community Forestry Program to see if there are still free trees available for Arbor Day.
We need to make copies of the proclamation, the Arbor Day agenda, etc. for Tree City USA.

6) Jay's letter is tabled because JCP&L is cutting aggressively. We will discuss again next month after we see what they have done.

7) Tree Issues in town-
At 401 Morris Ave. a tree has wire. Bob Tovo and Joan have gotten JCP&L to come out, put in a pole and cut down that tree.
We discussed other poles with problems. And decided to tell JCP&L of these issues as they are identified.
The strip of woodland next to Post Office has problem trees that need to be added to remove list.

8) Marnie reported on the Borough Council meeting for Commission's and Committee's on March 2nd. She also told of the Environmental Commission's work with Sustainable Jersey.


The next meeting will be held on April 11, 2013.

Respectfully submitted, Marnie Vyff