Woodlands Management Committee Meeting Minutes

May 18, 2005


Attendees: Jerry Uhrig, Phil Notestine, Martha Dwyer-Bergman, Bob Dewing, George Jackson


The minutes from the previous meeting were approved.






The general concern is that our communications with the community has been not as effective as it needs to be.


Videos: In the interest of stimulating some ideas and discussion, Jerry brought some laptop videos that might be helpful tools.


The first video was one that Lynn Uhrig had made of the ECO-Hike trail in early May. It was a slide show set to music, which showed the general area as well as detailed shots of the various wildflowers which were in bloom at that time. It was suggested that we could put this presentation up on the website for general viewing to give people a better idea of what the ECO-Hike could offer.


The other two videos were taken from a website connected to The Nature Conservancy. They were both very short clips of the type that might precede the main feature in movie theaters. One focussed on one particular invasive, Japanese knotweed, Polygonum cuspidatum. Since this is one of our problem invasives, we could possibly use the clip to foster awareness of it. The other video addressed the aquatic weed problem.


After viewing them, Martha that there needs to be more explanation and visuals of exactly what these plants are because that is missing from the films.  George mentioned that when he sails at Green Pond Lake it is required that all boats must be sprayed prior to them being launched.  The fear is that snails will be brought into the lake.  Should Mountain Lakes be concerned with these “hitch hikers” also?


If we decided that the films could be of use, we could have our own contact information put at the end for a nominal fee of $150.


Website: Jerry mentioned again that the server for the website appears to be still causing problems and that no new information has been added to the site for quite some time.

Jerry mentioned also that finding our site is still very difficult even when you know how to get there.


Library: It was suggested that we use the library as a location to have available handouts.  As of this date we have the Eco Hike and the Invasive plant list there.  Martha will be adding the Garlic Mustard fact sheet there on Thursday May 19, 2005. 


Home and School Bulletin: This is another source that can be helpful in reaching the community.  The Shade Tree Commission uses it monthly to inform people as to various goals and reminders of the commission. We could try to use it on a more consistent basis also. Martha will contact Home and School to see what the deadlines are for next year.  (Martha went to the website and the deadline is that by the 10th of the preceding month all articles must be submitted for the following month’s publication).   Phil mentioned that the Environmental Commission thinks that using the Home and School newsletter does not reach all of the community because people do not read it.


Mountain Lakes Day May 30th, 2005:  Martha will be doing this event again this year and it was suggested that there be potted samples of the invasive plants that we want the community to become aware of specifically Garlic Mustard.  Along with the poster that gives the overview of our committee, there will also be Eco Hike handouts, invasive plant handouts, and Garlic Mustard handouts.  There will be a sign up sheet for volunteers to help us remove garlic mustard in the Borough lot at the corner of Roberts, Arden, and West Shore Road.




Garlic Mustard Harvest: June 4, 2005  9-11am.  We are hoping that volunteers will assist us in removing Garlic Mustard from the lot on the corner of West Shore Road, Arden, and Roberts.   It will be where each person is given a plastic bag, rubber gloves, and asked to fill up a bag.  When the bag is filled they will be given coffee. Donut, and a handout on garlic mustard with a recipe for eating them.  The bagged garlic will be put into a dumpster.  Martha will be advertising this event at the Mountain Lakes Day event.  Also, she will be putting up posters at Birchwood Lake to invite hikers to join us on that morning. We will be providing band aids, and asking people to bring gas weed whackers.


Tools:  Jerry talked about the website that he sent to us.  There were listed some tools that people have found to be useful in removing invasives: linoleum knives, cut n kill shears, root jack/talon (instead of weed wrench).  One very popular tool is the weed wrench. It is used for uprooting shrubs and saplings. It comes in four sizes, from about two feet up to five feet. Gary Webb has said that the Borough does not own one but he would be willing to acquire one if we could determine which size would be the most useful to us. We have been offered the loan of two of them from a neighbor in Denville that Martha met at an invasives lecture, a Mr. John Happy. Martha will call to arrange the trial.


Deer Fences


Jerry has made a grant proposal to Town Club for the purchase of the fencing.


Martha made a contact at her invasives display at the Garden Club Plant Sale who does site evaluations for deer fencing, Contact information is: Sandy Goodson,

SandyGoods@optonline.net , 973 335 4125.  Martha will call her and made arrangements.


Woodland Models


Jerry ended the meeting with some thoughts about the Overview of “RESTORATION” of the woodlands.  It is important that we get a consensus of the community as to what the woodlands should be.  An excellent reference manual is "The Once and Future Forest - a guide to forest restoration strategies" by Leslie Jones Sauer. It is good summer reading.


George brought up the point that the Council is looking at having replanting of trees as part of the Shade Tree Ordnance and perhaps Woodlands should also be examining the possibilities of having reforesting the woodlands as part of the process of restoration.  Should we have a plan for this?  There could possibly be a test site at the tract of land across from the Borough Hall.