Woodlands Management Committee Meeting Minutes

April 19, 2006


Attendees: Martha Dwyer-Bergman, Bob Dewing, Phil Notestine




Jerry was home sick with a cold. So he sent out notes before the meeting on agenda items. Where it is useful to use the notes, they are shown in italics.


Minutes from the March meeting are on the website. No changes were needed.


Scout Project: Bluebirds


NJ Audubon Spring/Summer issue has an article on bluebirds written by

someone who works at the Great Swamp. One thing they point out is that bluebirds

do like dead trees for nest sites. So we need to keep that in mind as we work on

our management plans. Jerry will send a copy to Kyle Bolo since it will be another

resource he can draw on.


There was nothing to add to Jerry’s statement on this.




Andy Bulfer found an owl house at Birchwood, about twenty feet from the

water at about 2 o'clock. According to the manufacturer, Coveside Conservation

Products, it is intended for saw-whet or screech owls. Apparently, someone put

it up and then forgot about it. Assuming that the location makes sense, it needs

some TLC. See the attached photo. Can someone take care of it?


Phil offered to look into it and then when Bob arrived he offered to talk to Peter Bolo and the Environmental Club at the high school to see who put it up.






                        Chronic Wasting Disease


The current issue of the QDMA magazine has a good 2-page status report

on chronic wasting disease. If anyone gets to the Deer Workshop in PA this

Saturday, they will have even more current information since one of the speakers

is a CWD specialist. In any case, we can talk about this at the May meeting.

There is nothing urgent here.






Deer Browsing


Martha mentioned that she has a number of deer in the woods behind her house on 61 Tower Hill and that they are eating the daylilies already.  Phil suggested that a powder be put on both the hostas and the daylilies that will keep the deer away from them.




                        H&S article


The installment for the May H&S Bulletin told people to start cutting

off the flowering stalks on garlic mustard before they spread seeds. Better yet,

just pull out the plants if there aren't too many. I haven't heard from Laurel

about it, but I assume it got in OK.


It was our feeling that this is the area that we need to work on to educate the community as to the threats that these plants pose to the woodlands. We don’t seem to have a comprehensive plan on how to achieve this other than the H & S Bulletin and the website.  Martha suggested that we use the library’s display case to highlight this concern.  Perhaps it could encompass a broad overview of our committee’s goals.  We could copy Linda’s video onto a DVD or VHS for people to view at home.  Continue to educate about Garlic Mustard.  Have our website printed in LARGE PRINT on all hand outs, request volunteers for activities, give a preview of coming events (Bob’s tree felling and planting), vernal pool education.


Phil also mentioned that the Environmental Commission is looking for things to do although they have suddenly had a number of members unable to continue serving on the committee due to job relocations and other members stepping down.





 Clean-up demonstration: This is the one which should get the attention from

everyone. We all need to be involved on this. It's a key element of our

woodlands management activities. We are trying to determine what kinds of things

are both possible and practical. I was hoping that we could plan a very small

initial demonstration which would deal with the leaning dead tree between

Stations 12 and 13 of the ECO-Hike. Someone marked it with a couple of stakes.

It's right next to the trail. I don't think any critters would lose their home

over this one but someone should check more closely than I did. Once we have the

demonstration planned and have identified what resources we might need, then we

should review it with Gary Webb. He needs to be in the loop on it. My thought is

that this needs to be an initial feasibility demo to be followed probably by a

larger demo over in the woods up from  the YMCA on Fanny Road.


List for Shade Tree Comm: Martha has completed the research on the trees and

shrubs in Bob's list. I have to compile a spread sheet for easy reference. I was

going to do that today but I'm just barely coping. I'll do it as soon as I get

healthy again.


Bob will speak to Gary regarding the clean-up demonstration.  He has suggested that a Black Walnut be planted inside the corral to begin the diversification of the woodlands.


            Vernal Pools


Lots of noise but no good pictures yet. Not even wood frogs eggs.

I know the eggs have to be out there by now. And I have waded all over two good



Phil and Bob both concerned that the Vernal Pools are in very good shape.  Martha mentioned the pool that is on Tower Hill and whether that is considered a Vernal Pool and if so whether the Mosquito Commission’s spraying in the summer is causing harm to the water life?   Martha will talk to Gary about that.