Woodlands Management Committee November 19, 2008


Attended: Jerry, Martha, Phil, and Judy


Minutes of the last meeting were accepted.


Phil and Judy brought the committee up to date on the Environmental Summit that was held on Saturday November 15, 2008.  In attendance at this meeting were the following committees: Environmental Committee, Woodlands Management Committee, Lakes, Shade Tree, and Garden Club.  The panel was composed of three independent experts from outside of the Borough.  The final conclusion was that this panel was in support of what the Woodlands Management Committee has been doing in the past 5 years.  They supported that the Norway Maples should be removed from the native environment.  Sara Webb said that the Norway Maple and the Japanese Knotweed must be removed.  There was a question as to whether the Shade Tree group plants Norway Maples in the roadways.


The experts reinforced what Jerry Uhrig has been saying for 5 years as to what needs to be put on the top of the removal list of plants/invasives. 


There was a conversation regarding the condition of the lakes (Birchwood and Sunset) and the lilies that are covering areas of these lakes.  It was noted that the water in the lakes in some areas are merely inches deep and thus rendering that section of the lake “almost dead”.  The experts urged that the lilies be removed with machinery and that the chemical concerns are not a problem in these lakes.  These lakes are in serious trouble of eutrephication and the weeds must be removed for the health of the lakes.


Invasives: What is to be done with them?  There were three approaches to this based on the cycle of the plant: remove and bag it, shred it, or after pulling leave it only if there are no seeds developed.  Each plant has a cycle and if viewed individually for the appropriate period for removal it will be more successful.


Bob Dewing’s Woodland Husbandry via the pocket-parks in the borough was presented at the Summit.  It will need to be finalized and an educational focus will be developed.  There will need to be a inventory of the various lots in the town.


George Jackson asked to have the Bird Sanctuary be considered for this project.  The discussion turned to the evaluation that the State did on this site.  It was reported that the “bloom” was not a concern for the town.  This site maybe too large to take on at this point.  According to the panelists, Core areas need to be the first areas to be focused upon such as, Birchwood area.   If the problems in this core area are removed the area can be expanded.


Phil asked Jerry about the needs for a budget for the Woodlands Management Committee.  Jerry mentioned that we have enough supplies for building 2 more deer exclosures but we need to have the scouts or another group volunteer to put it up.  We need to continue the Forest Health monitor program which began last year with planting saplings in grids to gauge the deer population is specific areas.  The last official deer inventory was done 5 years ago and may need to be redone.  Questions were asked as to where can one get seedlings for this project.  Cliff has mentioned that the American Chestnut tree is available, but where can one get them from.  Martha mentioned that NPR had a story about Princeton NJ and their American Chestnut tree that are blight resistant. 

(Phil I sent you an article on this if you could put it in this it would be great thanks.)


Invasive projects:  Should we be replanting new plants and how?  Where can we get free trees that are acceptable to non invasives.  Members mentioned the trees in the area behind the tennis courts were the small trees are encased in white sleeves and they look terrible.  Bob and Phil suggested that if we take stock of what is growing on the lots that are going to be under construction and ask to remove them and save them for the woodlands.  Phil said that there might be free or low cost trees in the area for replanting and Jerry said that there needed to be a budget line for replanting of trees.


We are going to hold over to next meeting Bob Dewing’s report on Woodland Husbandry so that Bob can present it to us.


Deer  there is less population in the area and thus, those that are here are much larger deer.  There is still reported thief in the Bow Hunters sites of their property.  Bow hunters will continue into 2009.  Jerry suggested that infra red count of deer should be put into the budget because the EC will no longer do it.


NRI (Natural Resources Inventory)  Study of the Fauna.  Rick Radis will be doing an inverntory for Mountain Lakes.  He will be developing an update but there will be no update on deer density count.  EC has money in their budget and will pay for this study.



Beaver Ponds;  Rick Radis should be asked about this situation.  The panelists at the Summit stated that the pond is not a problem.  Kelly O’Donald , the county Biologist, stated that she would be happy to assist us in this area.  Sara Webb also stated that she too would be happy to offer help.  Klaus will be a great resource for the group also.


Budget:  Phil asked Jerry about thoughts on a budget.  (Phil you can add this information)



Next meeting will be Dec. 17th, 2008


Jerry’s party will be in January, 2009