Woodlands Management Committee May 20, 2009


Attending:  Jerry Uhrig, Martha Dwyer-Bergman


The minutes of the April meeting were approved with no changes.


Jerry commented on Kelli O’Connor’s invasive Flora project and Wilcox Park by stating that the reason that Norway Maples were not included in the report was due to the inability of a staff member to ID the tree.  JSL Greentree can identify Norway Maples and was able to ID a large Norway Maple at the Wild Flower Trail in The Tourne and request that the county remove the tree from the site.  At the Rockaway Valley Garden Club’s plant sale they had seedlings available to educate the public on removal of Norway Maples at a seedling stage.


Jerry stated that he returned to Wilcox Park to look for Lady Slippers, however, he was not able to find any in location from last year site and found only one in the second site.


Jerry presented a new book that he feels should be part of the collection in the library; Oak the frame of Civilization by William Bryant Logan.  He read from a section of the book that states that because the oak has never become specialized to a specific niche in nature it covers the largest amount environments in the USA.


Schools Trees Project: All the trees were planted by the high school Freshman class with a small remainder, 30 seedlings, that was planted across from Borough Hall and adjacent to the parking lot at Birchwood Lake.  The work was done by Jerry Uhrig, Phil Notestine, Martha Dwyer-Bergman, and Caleb Bergman.


Schools Deer Exclosures project: Jerry staked out the location and the Freshman Class along with the help of the maintenance and DPW crews, who put up the posts, erected the fencing for the latest deer exclosure. It is located on the high side opposite of the deer exclosure that the scouts put up.  The site is on the road to the soccer fields.  Seedlings were then planted inside the fencing.  Jerry stated that the Woodlands Management Committee has materials enough for one more exclosure and the measurements are an exclosure of 100 feet diameter, it should be located on land that is flat and easily accessible to vehicle so that materials can be dropped off easily.  If anyone has suggestions as to where this last exclosure should be located please bring them to the next meeting.  It was suggested that the location at the corner of West Shore Road and Roberts Drive might be a good site so that the public can observe the regrowth of the woodlands.  This area is heavily trafficked due to the publics’ use of the Birchwood Lake.


Jerry said that the reimbursement of costs have begun from the council budget for Woodlands Management Committee.  Jerry mentioned that the grant money from the Town Club of a bit over $200 is still available and he did not apply for new grant money this year.  Jerry stated that the money should not be commingled with the council money.


Bob Dewing was able to stop by at the meeting to deliver the printed handouts that he gave to the residents near the Crane and Morris Avenues Project on Saturday, June 6th from 8am until 3pm.  Jerry and Bob will do a walk through on the site to evaluate what tools will be needed and what will be removed that day.  We need your support for this project.


Project Plan:  Jerry said that Joe Tempesta should be notified prior to beginning a project in town.