Mountain lakes Woodlands Management Committee

Minutes for June 17, 2009 regular meeting


In attendance: Cliff Miles, Chris Stitt and Phil Notestine. Absent: Scott Goldthwaite, Jerry Uhrig, Martha Dwyer-Bergman and Council Liaison Blair Wilson

The Minutes for May were not reviewed, as the members attending (Jerry & Martha) were not present.

No progress has been made on the mapping/gridding of areas in Mountain Lakes for identification and location fix of invasive flora. We await Kelli O’Connor of Morris County Parks to counsel.

Dewing Project” – Morris & Crane. Many positive comments from townspeople and Councilwoman Blair Wilson. We must revisit soon, to continue invasives removal: such “baddies” as the Chinese Wisteria are popping up in number. We must use some herbicide on the extensive wisteria lateral root system. Garden Club have reserved further action pending members discussion and decision as to working with us to seed with wildflowers.

Midvale invasives removal site – pending study and development of a plan.

School trees project – HS Biology Teacher Dave Fewell reports good survival rates, and will send report to NJ authorities.

School Deer Exclosure Project – Cliff Miles visited the site and found some storm damage of the fence. He made repairs. Plantings looked OK.

Wilcox Park bat boxes installation – planned for 9 July in the afternoon.

White-Nosed Syndrome – Has caused near total collapse of Rockaway Hibernacula bat population. This seems to be true in much of NJ and the Northeast. No solutions yet.

Denville Township deer problems – Mayor & Council have decided to take action to reduce the deer herd. Many citizens’ complaints. UBNJ have met with the Mayor and Council, and have offered a plan.

Submitted by Phil Notestine, Chair.