Woodlands Management Committee Meeting Minutes

March 16, 2011


Attendees: Bob Dewing, Jerry Uhrig


  1. U. Mass/USDA Tree Poster Program:  In Amherst, MA, arborists from the U Mass, and the USDA Forest Service have developed large poster size labels (similar to product labels on foods) listing information about the species and the benefits such as carbon extraction, stormwater intercepted, property value increase, etc. These labels were hung from trees growing in the town commons and park. We have requested more information on the project. It looks like it could be useful to us in our education efforts.
  2. Morris County Soil Conservation District Seedlings Program: White pine and dogwood seedlings are available for a nominal charge. We will order some of each for use in our reforestation program. They must be ordered this month.
  3. American chestnut restoration: We have requested the paperwork to join the American Chestnut Coordinators Foundation. Once we complete that, we can begin preparation for planting/grafting of American Chestnuts this fall.
  4. Empty Bowls/Centennial Fair: The Woodlands Committee agreed to participate in the Fair this year. It will be held April 27 at the high school. More details are forthcoming.
  5. Deer Herd: We discussed the deer herd photographed on Lake Drive and featured on the Home Page of the Borough website. There were about 20 deer. This could increase the herd by as much as 60 deer in the spring. We will have to monitor the situation carefully. It does demonstrate how quickly the herd can grow without continued management.
  6. Eagle scout project: Jerry spoke to Kelli O’Conner today to confirm that the Eagle Scout candidate had obtained a list of the planting used in the Tourne River Access restoration plot last year. Kelli is going to send us a copy of the list to as well.
  7. Cove Project Status: We reviewed the status report from Margaret. It appears that the planting plan will go out for bid next week and that the hardscape design is very nearly finished.
  8. Recommended Tree List for Residents: We are working on a short list of recommended trees to furnish to residents as a guide in their landscaping plans. Bob compile two extensive lists from two different local expert sources. We winnowed out about a third of them. Bob will recompile and reduced list, and we will circulate it to the Committee members for review and comment.


The meeting adjourned at 8:30pm.