Woodlands Management Committee Meeting Minutes

April 20, 2011


Attendees: Cliff Miles, Dan Happer, Jerry Uhrig


  1. Harrison Charwat Eagle Scout project
  2. Confirm invasive IDs - "wingless" euonymous, Atlantic or Irish Ivy It was confirmed.
  3. Dogwood seedlings status - 60 planted, 50 to go when HS group returns
  4. Rabbit problem in the deer exclosures. Anyone have a Hav-A-Hart trap? Dave Fewell took care of it.
  5. Centennial chestnut program is on track to plant ten seeds in the fall. These will be %100 American chestnuts, not hybrids.
  6. Woodlands booth at Empty Bowls/Centennial program at HS
  7. Cliff reported that the beavers have arrived at Birchwood and started taking down trees.