Woodlands Management Committee Meeting Minutes

November 16, 2011


Attendees: Jerry Uhrig


Since there were no committee members present besides Jerry. These minutes are a compilation of the reports on agenda topics.


Deer exclosures


As a result of the hurricane and the recent nor’easter snowstorm, the deer exclosures had been damaged to the extent that none of them were functional any longer. There were many breaches in the fences. Jerry and Andy Bulfer worked for three hours on Sunday afternoon on November 13 to repair the fences on all three exclosures. It was definitely a two-person job. The only casualty was Jerry’s chainsaw, which will need a little work on the chain.

American Chestnuts


The chestnut plantings were not damaged by the storm.




A copy of the film “Living with Black Bears,” produced by NJDEP has been received and is being evaluated to determine how best to use it in our resident education program.


Native Plant Certification Workshop


Margaret Gossett planned to report on this but she was unable to attend. So this is a very quick summary. A group in the Borough (Garden Club (?), Environmental Commission (?), Ad hoc other (?)) is planning to organize a workshop for landscapers to educate them on the benefits of landscaping with native plants. Landscapers who attended and agreed to incorporate the practices would be given a “native plant certification.” The plans are to hold the workshop at the end of January.