Woodlands Management Committee Meeting Minutes

September 18, 2013


 Attendees: Martha Dwyer-Bergman, Richard DeVenezia, Jerry Uhrig


 Crane and Morris Lot Cleanup


 A group of volunteers from AT&T is being organized by Dick DeVenezia’s daughter, Debbie. The plan is that they will come on Saturday, October 5 to help remove invasive vegetation and plant understory trees. This site is particularly overrun with Chinese wisteria. We will remove enough of it to clear an area to plant the seedling understory trees, which will be primarily redbud trees grown from seeds from trees in the riparian buffer of Sunset Lake.


 We will coordinate with the Borough on traffic safety at the site and on removal of debris after the job is finished.


 Dick and Jerry will inspect the site a few days prior to confirm the restoration plans.


 Chestnut project


 We are just completing our second year of the American Chestnut restoration project. About half the second year seedlings are now growing in their protective cages in the woodlands. The other half remain to be transplanted out of their incubator pots in the high school courtyard.The high school students will do this project as part of their AP Environmental Studies class under the guidance of Mr. David Fewell, the AP Biology teacher.


 We will also soon be getting our supply of seeds for our third year in the program, which is run by the American Chestnut Cooperator’s Foundation. These seeds will be planted, as in previous years, partly by the students and partly by the Woodlands Committee.


 Deer exclosures


 We still have not completed repairs on the four exclosures from the storm damage last fall. We hope to return to this work after the two above-mentioned projects are completed.


 Deer management


 This program is being managed with their usual competence by the United Bowhunters of New Jersey. We are very pleased to have their help on this.




 There will be a lecture on September 25.