UN Plaza in NYC

Annual United Nations Weekend
Mountain Lakes Community To The World

For Over 50 years

October 19 & 20, 2013

A Tradition Of FUN and Multi-Cultural Experiences.

Mountain Lakes families have hosted international graduate students including Fulbright scholars and visitors from the United Nations Secretariat, and UN Missions since 1962.  Mountain Lakes is one of only 2 towns on the East Coast to support this endeavor.  (the other is Westport, CT.).

Since 1962, thousands of guests have followed, bringing with them curiosity about "real" American life and a desire for fun, friendship and understanding.  Each year, approximately 100 guests plus their families have enjoyed this extraordinary weekend in Mountain Lakes.

For many hosts, the UN Weekend has become an annual tradition, and they eagerly await the weekend’s events.  Many have made enduring friendships.  We invite Boonton Twp.  and all families in the neighboring areas who are interested to join us and become involved.

Join the Weekend Fun!

The United Nations Weekend is a community-wide event co-sponsored by the Borough and each civic organization in town.  Host families are needed to:

  1. Host one or more overnight guests.  For this you need to have one or more spare bedrooms available for the night of October 19th, OR

  2. Host a dinner party on Saturday October 19th or a brunch on Sunday, October 20th.  For this you need a dining room or space for a sit-down/buffet type meal that can accommodate 6 or more guests.  Guest families will supply all food, drink and paper goods.

Many teachers introduce the United Nations and international understanding into their October curricula.  Our children are encouraged to Trick or Treat to raise funds for UNICEF, helping the UN provide valuable assistance to children around the world.

As Mountain Lakers gather at the welcoming tea and closing ceremony, this becomes a real "neighborhood" event.

Please contact Phyllis Deering with any questions.

Rosemary Cataliotti & Phyllis Deering
UN Weekend Committee Co-Chairs

Phyllis Deering  973-402-8880