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This is a photo of Maj. Clarence W. Smith and his wife. On the back of the original photo it says Col., so they probably promoted him before they sent him to France in WW I. It is not known whether he came back, or indeed whether he went at all. Mountain Lakes has no record that shows him after 1915.

Col. and Mrs. Smith lived at 30 Dartmouth Road. Their Telephone Number was 319. The Colonel owned both Lot 30(+) on Dartmouth and Lot 33 on Bellvale (undeveloped). The above Lot Numbers are 1924. Subsequent construction in Lot 33 (Bellvale) has recently been razed. Colonel Smith participated in Committee activities: Membership, Post and Express, and Tree Planting and Landscape (Boy... did they need that). The Garage in the distance may still stand. All of this is circa 1915.

Colonel and Mrs. Smith's car is definitely an electric car. It is thought to be a Waverly brougham Model 81 (1911). One thing is certain, it wouldn't take them far. The range of these electric cars was very short.

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