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Gender and Age

Total Population4256100
Under 53177.4
5 to 8 years47211.1
10 to 14 years50711.9
15 to 19 years2736.4
20 to 24 years821.9
25 to 34 years1894.4
35 to 44 years80719.0
45 to 54 years78218.4
55 to 59 years2746.4
60 to 64 years1673.9
65 to 74 years2435.7
75 to 84 years1293.0
85 years and over140.3
Median Age39.4 
18 years and over273564.3
21 years and over267662.9
62 years and over49011.5
65 years and over3859.0

Household By Type

Total households1330100.0
Family households (Families)118789.2
        With own children under 18 years71453.7
    Married-couple family110883.3
        With own children under 18 years66550.0
    Female householder, no husband present513.8
        With own children under 18 years362.7
Non-family households14310.8
    Householder living alone1229.2
        Householder 65 years and over554.1
Households with individuals under 18 years72454.4
Households with individuals 65 years and over26620.0
Average household size3.2 
Rental vacancy rate (percent)3.41 

Housing Occupancy

Total housing units1357100.0
Occupied housing units133098.0
Vacant housing units272.0
    For seasonal, recreational or occasional use80.6
Homeowner vacancy rate (percent)0.5 
Rental vacancy rate (percent)3.9 

Housing Tenure

Occupied housing units1330100.0
Owner-occupied housing units128196.3
Renter-occupied housing units493.7
Average household size of owner-occupied units3.21 
Average household size of renter-occupied units3.00 

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