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Two Mountain Lakes Winners of Special Honors

General Castle's medal

Brigadier General Frederick Castle, Congressional Medal of Honor

General Castle, formerly of 38 Lake Drive, commanded a strike mission of 2,032 B-17 "Flying Fortresses" and 800 fighters in the Battle of the Bulge in Western Europe. His airplane fatally damaged, he ordered his crew to bail out while he remained at the controls, making their exit possible. He went down with the craft and and lost his life in the crash. He was posthumously awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor, the nation's highest award. Read more about General Castle and what he did for his country.

Admiral Browning's medal

Rear Admiral Miles Browning, Distinguished Service Medal

Admiral Browning, who after he retired lived at 178 Boulevard, was a senior naval officer in World War II responsible for Operations and War Plans in the Pacific. Later he was Chief of Staff and Aide to Admiral (later Fleet Admiral) William F. Halsey, Jr. who at the time commanded the entire South Pacific operations. Admiral Browning developed the brilliant battle plan that led to the rout of the Japanese Pacific Fleet in the Battle of Midway. Although the US suffered serious losses, the Japanese were so severely defeated that many consider the Battle of Midway to be a turning point in war in the Pacific, which began with the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. From Midway on, the U.S. forces were on the offensive and the Japanese were forced to defend a constantly shrinking empire. For his efforts, Admiral Browning was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal. Read more about Admiral Browning and his contributions.

The exhibit in the Mountain Lakes Library displays the actual medals awarded to General Castle and Admiral Browning and describes their feats. The exhibit was prepared and made possible by the Mountain Lakes Landmarks Committee and the Mountain Lakes Historic Preservation Commission.

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