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March 17, 1911 The first house occupied in Mountain Lakes was at 46 Dartmouth Road.
December 1914 The first library was opened by the Mountain Lakes Woman’s Club in the Lake Drive School building.  It had 100 volumes donated by members of the club.
1916 The library was incorporated.
1920 The Woman’s Club turned the library over to a Board of Trustees who continues to govern the library.
1922 The library joined the Morris County Library Association and continues as an active member today.  This association is currently, M.A.I.N., Inc., and as a member library, Mountain Lakes patrons can use their library card at all libraries in Morris County including the Morris County Library.  They can also order materials from all libraries online.  The library participates in an online catalog and a central computerized circulation system.
1930 – 1954 The library was housed in a former store on Midvale Road, currently the site of “The Market”.
May 2, 1954 The library moved into a new building at 3 Elm Road on land deeded to the library by the Borough of Mountain Lakes.
June 1966 A wing that nearly doubled the available space was added to the library.  This addition included the Children’s Room and the downstairs meeting room.
September 1996 The library was renovated to enhance space utilization and accommodate technology resources.  Office space, a handicapped bathroom and a networked computer system including an on-line catalog available to the public were the major changes.
Dec 31, 1999 At the end of the century, the library had a paid staff of 8 professionals, 37,652 books, 1,692 audiotapes and 1,158 videos.  It had 4 public computer terminals, each with access to the on-line catalog as well as the Internet.
April 2002 The Children’s Room was expanded.  The space was enlarged by an addition of 434 square feet in a wing opening from the original room, making the total square footage of the Children’s Room, 938 square feet.
2006 Renovation to downstairs meeting room.  Room will be handicapped accessible with a bathroom at room level.


The main library is 5335 square feet.  The meeting room is 1091 square feet.

From: Mountain Lakes Library Board of Trustees Report, 1972:

“Begun in 1914, the Library Association was incorporated in 1916.  Started by the Woman’s Club of Mountain Lakes, the local library began when members donated an initial collection of 100 books, opened facilities in a school building and served as volunteer librarians.  When the Association formed, families contributed to the maintenance and growth of the Library by membership fees.  The Mountain Lakes Library joined the County Library system at its inception in 1922 and has been a member since.”

David Kingsley, President