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Beach Rules

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Beach Rules and Enforcement

  • Recreational facilities are open dawn to dusk. Volleyball is open until 11pm.
  • Lifeguards are in full charge of the beach
  • Beach is open to residents only
    1. Beach tags are required for residents 3 years and older when lifeguards are on duty
    2. Proof of residency is required at all other times
    3. Beach tags are non-transferable
  • Beach tags and privileges attached may be withdrawn for misconduct or using a tag not registered to you
  • Children who must be accompanied by a person 16 years of age or older:
    1. All children under 10 years of age
    2. Children 10 years through 12 years who have not passed the swim test and received a swim badge
  • Swim badges must be worn on the suit
  • Children 12 years and under without a swim badge are restricted to shallow water areas
  • Swimmers over 12 years of age and those who are wearing swim badges:
    1. May use deep water areas (swim lanes, rafts, and diving boards)
    2. Swim Pre-Team members may utilize the swim lanes during Swim Practice only.  Must be supervised by Swim Coach
  • No personal floatation devices (bubbles, vests, floaties, lifejackets, etc.) of any kind except in swim classes
  • No running, pushing, or roughhousing on beach, rafts, or docks
  • Ball playing only at the far end of the beach
  • No glass containers on the beach
  • No alcoholic beverages permitted
  • No dogs permitted on the beach
  • Special events require permits
  • No fishing allowed on the docks at Birchwood Lake any time during the summer
  • No fishing allowed on the beaches while beaches are open
  • No sitting or waiting on the floating docks
  • Restrooms will be open during beach hours and will be maintained