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Get Ready to Plant Some Trees!

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Arbor Day is around the corner, April 24th, where the Mountain Lakes Shade Tree Commission will honor Dave Fewell, a Mountain Lakes High School Biology teacher, and his dedicated work planting tree saplings in our forests and school grounds. The theme of this year’s Arbor Day Celebration is trees for the future.

The Shade Tree Commission is gearing up to get 1000 saplings planted this spring in town and they are calling on all community members to help out. Check your gardens for a nice place to plant a shade tree, especially if you lost one in Sandy. If you don’t have a spot, take a sapling to plant in the woods. A particularly good spot is in a clearing where an older tree has recently come down.

Arbor Day 2014- Beth Azar introduction

Arbor Day 2014- Beth Azar introduction

Our tree canopy is more important than one may realize. Shade trees save energy costs by shading our homes and protecting them from wind. These trees have been proven to raise the resale value of our houses too. The important point here is that together the a forest of trees can withstand a storm like Sandy, but as the forest gets thinned out gusts of wind can topple trees. Especially the older weaker trees that have been pruned as ours have in the shape of umbrellas.

At the Arbor Day Celebration, April 24th at 1:45, the Shade Tree Commission will give out tree saplings to all of the students at Wildwood Elementary to plant, about 500 in all. So please help your elementary school child find a good spot to plant their sapling. The next day, Saturday April 25th, these busy Commissioners will be handing out more tree saplings at the Recycling Center for anyone who would like to do their part in replanting the tree cover lost in superstorm Sandy. Then both the Garden Club and the Shade Tree Commission will be helping Dave Fewell’s classes in May plant the final 300 saplings in the forests around the High School. And finally, look for any of the last of the 1000 trees at the Garden Club plant sale, May 16th.

Where are all of these tree saplings coming from? The Shade Tree Commission agreed to be part of the New Jersey Tree Recovery Campaign, which is a joint effort between New Jersey State Forestry Services, New Jersey Soil Conservation Districts, Sustainable Jersey, Arbor Day Foundation, Brothers International, BJ’s Wholesale Club, Wyndham Vacation Resorts, and FedEx. Free tree saplings are offered to all New Jersey towns to replace the trees lost in superstorm Sandy.

For more information about the Shade Tree Commission see their page on our site.