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Have you noticed the new trees?

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They look something like this image, with two stakes holding them. The Shade Tree Commission won grants from our own Town Club and the NJ Shade Tree Federation, so we have had 27 trees planted in the Borough right-of-ways. These trees assist in protecting our canopy for the future.

Can you find all of them around town?

Though the trees are in front of houses, they are actually on Borough property and remain the Borough’s throughout their lifetime. The Borough is responsible for periodically watering them as they get established and pruning or removing them in the event they become hazardous. We are of course most interested in the homeowners to help care for and love them too.

There are so many benefits to having trees. They are visually lovely and have a calming influence. As they grow, their summer shade will help keep the area cooler, lowering home cooling costs. Trees actually mitigate wind damage in storms, not to mention their value in removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Trees have also been found to add thousands of dollars to property values, being a major contributor to the unique value of Mountain Lakes.

Mountain Lakes is unique in having a 65% canopy cover. This is a lot for an East Coast town, but across the country our trees are facing devastating damages to disease and insects like the emerald ash borer. We encourage the residents to join our efforts and plant more trees for the future. Please visit our website pages to learn more, including suggestions for tree species to plant that are resistant. Retaining the canopy is very important for our future. As the saying goes, “He who plants trees plants hope.”