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Important Information for Watercraft Docked at Midvale Boat Dock

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Fireworks barges will be set into Mountain Lake on June 25th. For this to safely occur, watercraft docked on the right side (Club side) of the Midvale boat dock will need to be removed by Monday, June 24th. Right side ring holders can utilize the left side (Cove side) of the dock during this time. Watercraft will need to remain off the right side of the dock until the barges are removed from the lake, which we anticipate being on or about July 5th. If you have any questions, please email


Due to the storage of the fireworks on Midvale dock on July 2nd, residents will not have access to any boats from approximately 9am-7pm. The launch will re-open from approximately 7 PM until the fireworks display has ended. Approximately 30 minutes after the completion of the fireworks display, the launch will close again until the barge is returned to the dock and the area is deemed safe by the Fire Marshal and MLPD. Thank you for your cooperation.