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Recycling Matters

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Tie up cardboardThe Mountain Lakes Solid Waste Committee would like to remind residents of a few points when recycling.

  1. All cardboard needs to be broken down, flattened, and tied. Please don’t put it in another cardboard box, that makes it more difficult for the haulers to place in the recycling part of the truck and they often will just dispose of it in the garbage section. This is lost revenue for Mountain Lakes.
  2. Remember to clean all recyclable plastics. A quick rinse before throwing in the recycling bin makes the whole batch of plastics recyclable as higher quality plastics. It also reduces the attraction of ants.
  3. Mountain Lakes now recycles Styrofoam or foam #6. However, you need to bring it to the recycling center and dispose of it in the Styrofoam container just to the left of the Florescent bulb container and Electronics container. Please no packing peanuts! They can be brought to the UPS Store for re-use.

Mountain Lakes sells our recycling. When we dispose of it as the recycling firms need, we get a higher price for it. Thank you for helping our recycling efforts.