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Arborist Speaking on Emerald Ash Borer – The Destroyer!

Nor’Easter winter storms Riley and Quinn brought damage to trees in our community and around the area. Weighed down by heavy snow, snapped branches and trees littered our Borough. This summer will bring a different storm – but the resulting devastation to certain tree species will be the same. The storm is called Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) and its effects will kill hundreds of our Borough’s ash trees.

This metallic green insect measures just ½ inch in length, but its small size belies is destructive capabilities. An infestation of EAB’s can kill ash trees in as little as three to four years. The beetle’s larvae feed on the inner layer of the bark which eliminates the trees ability to move water and nutrients from the roots to the leaves, eventually killing the tree.

The NJ Department of Agriculture has confirmed EAB activity in Morris County as of 2017. In response, the Borough of Mountain Lakes has established an EAB Task Force that includes the Shade Tree Commission and the Woodlands Committee. The goal is to identify and remove those ash trees located in the Borough’s rights of way, parklands and woodlands that pose a hazard. The Shade Tree Commission will also be looking at ways to pursue grant funding for tree replacements. This summer, you will see Shade Tree Commission members walking our streets to identify ash trees on Borough property for removal.

Homeowners with ash trees are advised to consult with a certified tree expert to develop a care plan for their ash trees. If you are not sure if your trees are ash, visit the Shade Tree Commission website for reference or visit the links below.  In addition, the STC will be hosting a presentation by a Certified Arborist advising homeowners on the EAB and strategies for tree management.

Join us at the Mountain Lakes High School Media Center on May 9th at 7:00pm for this informative session. For immediate information on EAB go to: