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Oral Histories and Recollections

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Name Original ML Address Years Type
Barclay, Allen (Al)10 Lookout Rd.1955E-mail Recollections
Bartmann, Bill148 Boulevard1911Informal Communication
Baumann, Ray150 Morris Ave,
3 Barton Rd,
40 Hillcrest Rd.
1951-1964E-mail Recollections
Bechard, Michelle116 Kenilworth Rd.1960E-mail Recollections
Bedford, Buz & Robin33 Crane Rd.Oral History
Beneville, Tish (McGee)344 Morris Ave,
159 Laurel Hill Rd.
1952E-mail Recollections
Beneville, Jack119 Lookout Rd.1942-1953E-mail Recollections
Boeche, Loretta112 Pollard Rd.1921Informal Communication
Borcherdt, Janet236 Morris Ave.1922Oral History
Brackin, Tom194 Intervale Rd.1935Oral History
Braunohler, Robert H.24 Woodland Rd.1946-1964E-mail Recollections
Brown, Jack198 Morris Ave, 21 Larchdell Rd.1922-1942E-mail Recollections
Browning, Lawrence107 Boulevard1927-1934E-mail Recollections
Campbell, Ronald Neil1943Essay on the Lake
Carlson, Carolyn (Mills)57 Melrose Rd, 89 Melrose Rd, 50 Bellvale Rd, 22 Bellvale Rd, 183 Laurel Hill Rd.1939-1976E-mail Recollections
Craver, Jim44 Glen Rd.1955-1970E-mail Recollections
Dunnican, Robert W.24 Lowell Rd,
7 Crescent Dr.
1959-E-mail Recollections
Earle, Albert21 Lake Dr.1924E-mail Recollections
Farley, Carole179 Lake Dr.1954E-mail Recollections
Flint, John David76 Belleville Rd.1953-E-mail Recollections
French, David29 Pollard Rd.1977-1981 & 1985-86E-mail Recollections
Graunas, Christine30 Howell Rd,
25 Reynold Rd,
23 Crestwood Dr.
1948-E-mail Recollections
Grimes, NormanOral History
Guthrie, Jr., Randolph Hobson57 Lake Dr.1935E-mail Recollections
Haas, Pete8 Larchdale Way1939Oral History
Harrison, Ruth21 Maple Way1948Oral History
Hart, Davis302 Morris Ave.1958Informal Communication
Hartmann, Peter47 Condit Rd.1962-1972E-mail Recollections
Higgins IV, David49 Melrose Rd.
80 Melrose Rd.
63 Laurel Hill Rd.
14 Dartmouth Rd.
1922E-mail Recollections
Higgins, DavidOral History
Hodson, Meta Ann (Clarke)116 Pollard Rd.,
34 Briarcliff Rd.
1954-1964E-mail Recollections
Hopkins, Elizabeth (Miller)63 Ball Rd.1946-E-mail Recollections
Kingsley, Myrtle20 Crane Rd.Oral History
Koch Fink, Alice91 Lookout Rd.1957E-mail Recollections
Lee, Lucy (Hayes)Informal Communication
Lee, Jack (#1)44 Hanover Rd.1918-Oral History
Lee, Jack (#2)44 Hanover Rd.1918-Oral History
Lester, Gale (Butler)35 Oak Lane1950E-mail Recollections
Luippold, Beth324 Boulevard1952-1970E-mail Recollections
Lynahan, Jane (Karklin)57 Melrose1952E-mail Recollections
MacEwen, Sr., Robert D.21 Pollard Rd.1920-1972E-mail Recollections
Mahony, Sean66 Ball Rd.1952-1967E-mail Recollections
McMillen, Abbie21 North Glen Rd.1952-1964E-mail Recollections
McWilliams, Doug30 Ball Rd, 47 Crestview Rd, 95 Boulevard1952-Oral History
Miller, Debbie (Spiller)99 Morris Ave.1951Mailed Recollections
Morfogen , Zach & Marilyn94 Boulevard1944Oral History
Mueser, Elsa1921Oral History
O'Neill, Peter M.58 Melrose Rd.1953-E-mail Recollections
Parman, Alice47 Powerville Rd.E-mail Recollections
Pitcher, Josie85? Crane Rd.Oral History
Popp, Henry11 Crystal Rd.
32 Condit Rd.
15 Crestview Rd.
1930Oral History
Robinson, Sandy Faye (St. George)251 Morris Ave.1954-1965E-mail Recollections
Roe, Judy (Sikula)39 Dartmouth Rd.1960-1965E-mail Recollections
Rohrer, Marion Intervale Rd, Briarcliff Rd. at Morris Ave.Oral History
Ryan, Bill (Will)52 Crane Rd.1947-1962
E-mail Recollections
Ryan, Christopher208 Boulevard1964-1972E-mail Recollections
Sainz, Dr. Robert84 Lookout Rd.1959-1974Informal Communication
Schnoor, Carl #1337 Morris Ave,
351 Lake Dr.
1951Oral History
Schnoor, Carl #2337 Morris Ave,
351 Lake Dr.
1951Oral History
Sharp, Laura (Smith)116 Intervale Rd.1948-E-mail Recollections
Shaw, Carrie80 Ball Rd.1955E-mail Recollections
Shute, Carol Diane (Noble)71 Hanover Rd.1944-1959E-mail Recollections
Sichel, Pamela95 Hanover Rd.1955Informal Remarks
Smith, DukeOral History
Smith, F. J.24 Beechway Rd.
57 Briarcliff Rd.
12 York Rd.
59 Briarcliff Rd.
1942E-mail Recollections
Spiller, Debbie (Miller)99 Morris Ave, then 7 Woodland Ave.1951E-mail Recollections
Stewart, Tom92 Laurel Hill Rd.1954E-mail Recollections
Toy, Christopher416 Morris Ave.1955-E-mail Recollections
Waldron, Denis31 Lookout Rd,
30 Laurel Hill Rd.
1951E-mail Recollections
Watts, Ruth Laurel Hill Rd.1911Oral History
Watts, Skip120 Morris Ave.Oral History
Weber, Eric W.3 Grove Place,
160 Laurel Hill Rd.
1949-1970E-mail Recollections
Wells, Ralph130 Pollard Rd.1928Oral History
Williams, Mildred135 Morris Ave. also 171 BoulevardConversation
Wilson, George19 Valley Rd.1927-Oral History
Wiswall, Frank80 Melrose Rd.1920Oral History
Witham, Faith (Robertson) & Constance (Higgins)19 Kenilworth Rd.Oral History
Wyckoff, Jerome40 Ball Rd.1914E-mail Recollections
Zufall-Larson, Kathryn41 Laurel Hill Rd,
302 Boulevard
1956-E-mail Recollections

Total Number = 79

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