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As school winds down , and summer nears, the STC gets ready to do our annual “Prune and Remove” survey.  What this means is that all the commissioners “walk” their territory and evaluate the street trees in it.

There are seven of us, and we have divided up the whole town between us.  So, each of us has a territory, which we are familiar with.  Armed with computer printouts, which list each and every street tree, off we go.  All the trees are entered into the printout by location, size, species and general health.  Every tree must be looked at, to be assessed for overhanging branches, rot, or other general conditions.  Any trees that need to be pruned or removed are designated as such.  And any that we have questions about are noted for the arborist to look at when he is in town.

All of this leads me to say, when you see us out there with our clipboards, please come out and say “hi”, and voice any concerns you may have about your street trees.  This is a volunteer effort, and we are very interested in feedback.

Some things for summer:


  • Don’t over mulch your trees!  Too much mulch near the base of the trees holds in moisture and insects!
  • Please plant Arbor Day Trees!


  • Think about planting other trees in the fall.  Mountain Lakes has a declining tree population and we need all the trees we can get!